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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for Sony PlayStation 4 Black £29.57 plus free shipping @ DinoDirect
Found 3rd Feb 2017Found 3rd Feb 2017
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for Sony PlayStation 4 Black £29.57 plus free shipping @ DinoDirect
Please Note: shipping to the UK is 25-30 days. Please be very vary - read the reviews before you buy. Wouldn't have posted if I spotted the negative reviews first.

Love the way this website has a javascript message of "do you want to leave our site?" when you close the browser! Dodgy!


I've expired this.. the company looks so dodgy after further inspection. Reviews are absolutely dreadful on some websites and a comment on their own website confirms this is an imitation controller... "Ordered this controller from Dino Direct and was expecting a registered DualShock 4 controller. I received an imitation controller and was very unhappy. Please note that the vendor won't pay shipping if you have to send it back, and shipping items to China is very expensive from the US. You may be happy with this controller, but you get less than what you pay for in my opinion."


I saw this earlier, but was concerned that they weren't legitimate. They don't seem to have a top-down picture of the controller, which is a worry (they've sold knock-off DualShock 3 controllers in the past that replaced the logo on the PS button with something generic, which would have been a giveaway - so the fact that there's no photo of it here sets alarm bells ringing). I would pay a little extra and be sure of getting the real thing.


Likely to have import tax?


Chinese site? About as legit as fairies in the garden

JXD s7800b High Spec 7" Android Tablet/Handheld Console £86.69 from Dinodirect.com Free International Delivery inc. UK
Found 27th Mar 2014Found 27th Mar 2014
JXD s7800b High Spec 7" Android Tablet/Handheld Console £86.69 from Dinodirect.com Free International Delivery inc. UK
I've been looking at these for a while and they seem great for the price. This is the cheapest I have found. Although DinoDirect are not UK based, they offer free delivery to the… Read more
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What should i get this, the advent tegra 7 or nexus 7 2012 from going abroad so need web and some gaming fun, web lag annoys me so it must be stable!


An should have mentioned I forked the extra £45 from Amazon on the basis it is UK based already, and having had a few JXDs in the part know they can be faulty as the QC is not up to scratch. They have 1 left In stock in the UK if you what to count your losses and file with PP for DD, they have a pretty awful rep.


Lucky swine. Here's what's going on my end.... Thank you for shopping at DinoDirect. We are sorry that your recent order is delayed. We understand your disappointment and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused to you. We experienced an unusually large number of orders of this product, which disrupted our normal delivery schedule. Recently the items are in extremely short supply, we are trying to switch to a new supplier. Once it is available, you order will be at the top of our delivery list. Please accept our sincere apology for the delay. In the future we will keep an extra supply of our products on hand. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.


I was going to PM some of you but as so many of you have it i thought id ask publicly.. I have just gotten mine today, any tips on setting up or which are the best emus? The one it came with has Chinese characters for options so I cannot save etc. Thanks so much!


What a greet idea! I'll remember, I saw it here first! <3

5.0" IPS Doogee® VOYAGER DG300 3G Dual-Core Dual Sim GPS WIFI Bluetooth Android 4.2.2 Mobile Phone - White or Black - £57.39 @ DinoDirect - was £114.39
Found 2nd Jan 2014Found 2nd Jan 2014
5.0" IPS Doogee® VOYAGER DG300 3G Dual-Core Dual Sim GPS WIFI Bluetooth Android 4.2.2 Mobile Phone - White or Black - £57.39 @ DinoDirect - was £114.39
DinoDirect Flash Deals upto 50% OFF. Orders over USD$ 50.00 will get free tracking services via air mail. I know everyone likes a cheap China phone to talk about, I thought I woul… Read more

Got the doogee phone well happy with it ordered early jan got beginning of March


+1 GT99 is amazing cost me £65 as I got a partial refund via Paypal due to GPS not working. Otherwise have rooted it, installed Nova Launcher, removed Google unwanted apps downloaded loads of apps from Playstore, added a 32GB card for media.


Unless the user has an offline capable GPS app installed ,then they will probably be using Google Maps - which needs a data connection to work of course. ZTE , Huawei - amongst others are becoming household names here - these are China-Phones too ! IIRC the big electronics companies outsourced some of their production to China , as the costs there were far cheaper - the crafty chinese studied , copied and eventually manufactured their own versions of these products , thats why so many of those phones resemble Samsungs - iPhones etc.


Not sure about the GPS, it struggles to find my location off network (something I've never used before) it did place a grey dot near my present location (not sure if its working or not) maps didnt load until I switched 3G back on. Yes there is a slight camera lag but I had that with my other 8mp camera phone so I'm used to it. (no more than a second tho) When transferred over to the pc the pictures are clear but not perfect. Have only used it indoors but would imagine that better light would make a difference. I personally wouldn't bother going to the effort of printing. Perfectly fine for instagram, facebook, snapchat ect ect tho. Defiantly not a top notch 5mp but close.


Glad you got your phone all ok. :) How do you find the GPS, does the GPS work without having to have a Data connection or Wifi connection ? Just turn on the GPS function and leave Data and Wifi off. Also! does the camera have camera lag, does it take a photo instantly or do you have to hold the phone still for an extra 1-2 seconds for it to take photo, otherwise you get lag and photo is blurred ? Are the photo images clear once viewed back on PC, are the images good enough to print out ? Do you think the camera quality is a 5MP or are the images more like a 2MP ? Cheers! :)

Lenovo® A760 Quad Core Android 4.1 1G 4G smartphone Dual sim 4.5 inch screen delivered by Dino Direct
Found 13th Dec 2013Found 13th Dec 2013
Lenovo® A760 Quad Core Android 4.1 1G 4G smartphone Dual sim 4.5 inch screen delivered by Dino Direct
Cheap price for this specs Basic Information Model Lenovo A760 Band 2G: GSM 800/900/1800MHz 3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz Sim Card Dual SIM Card Dual Standby Service Provide Unlocked… Read more
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All in Chinese! Any idea how to get out of it before I throw it in the bin?


Received my phone today. Its nice looking ! But OS is not Android ! :(


had a scroll excel tablet a couple of years ago which had ICS when it was new, it only had 512mb of ram which made the the tablet laggy as ... you know. if google says JB can run 512mb i WOULDN'T touch it with a barge pole.


damn posting service! would have voted (hot), bought one..


Hmmm, get a Moto G, imo - I did for a teenie. Cooling down -

TW810 Quad Band with JAVA GPRS 3G Camera MP3/MP4 Bluetooth 1.54in Top Watch Cell Phone Black £66.06 @ DinoDirect
Found 20th Jul 2013Found 20th Jul 2013
TW810 Quad Band with JAVA GPRS 3G Camera MP3/MP4 Bluetooth 1.54in Top Watch Cell Phone Black £66.06 @ DinoDirect
The link is through Dinodirect, so i don't know if the 5% cashback works. TW810 Watch Cell Phone with Quad Band JAVA GPRS 3G 1.54" LCD Touch Screen. Built-in 1.3 MP COMS Camera. B… Read more
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I have used this website in past. Never had any problem. Oh yes one product they said out of stock and offered me voucher instead of money back.


Obviously the Calculator, what kind of Alien technology is that?


Weird that, because on Scamadviser This website has a good online reliability. This website has a good online trust rating. This website is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of 4812 But as I have never used them I can't really comment. I have only used Dealextreme and never had a prob with them.


Darn it - I've just bought 2 more PS3 controllers & a new phone - stupidly without ordering together so I've paid twice for postage and missed out on using my $1 off voucher ffs - thats what I get for staying up so late!


Has anybody even tried googling DinoDirect oO

Jiayu™  G4 MTK6589 Quad Core 1G RAM 4G 4.7 Inch HD IPS Retina Screen Android 4.1 13MP Camera Smartphone(Unlocked) £189.39 @ Dinodirect
Found 20th Jul 2013Found 20th Jul 2013
Jiayu™ G4 MTK6589 Quad Core 1G RAM 4G 4.7 Inch HD IPS Retina Screen Android 4.1 13MP Camera Smartphone(Unlocked) £189.39 @ Dinodirect
Plus 5% cashback possible £180 Jiayu G4 smart phone, with the latest MTK6589 CPU, Cortex A7 quad core, 1.2GHz, 1G RAM +4G ROM, Android 4.1 OS, 3G, GPS, WiF,respond fast and quickl… Read more
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There's loads of phones with similar specs. The Vowney is considerably (physically) bigger which makes it less attractive to me, maybe not to others. Also I believe no Gorilla glass on the Vowney, which again matters to me but maybe not to others. Lenovo A820 looks to be the bargain of the phones with this spec (~£100 delivered), but has a smaller (4.3") screen despite a bigger physical footprint than the Jaiyu. Horses for courses. The Jaiyu is also very well supported in terms of accessories and support (custom ROMs etc).


There's a vowney v5 on ebay with the same spec as this phone for 130, even supports 3g 900mhz. Why spend more?


Hmmm, you're right. Mobile standards are a horrible mess though and China does use slightly different technologies which may mean your network rejects it. There's loads of stories of Chinese 3G phones not working here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3G O2 and Vodafone have enabled 3G on 900MHz in the last couple of years (gives far better reception than 2100MHz, especially indoors) and I doubt any Chinese phone can take advantage of that.


Yes. On an ainol tablet with a 720p screen. Laggy awful mess


The best thing about this phone is its 3000 mah battery, personally I would recommend budget 5 inch from Huawei g700, only available in china but you can import it from merimobiles.

Hoomool™  Stainless Steel Pizza Cutting Shears Kitchen Scissors £13.39 @ Dino Direct
Found 10th Apr 2013Found 10th Apr 2013
Hoomool™ Stainless Steel Pizza Cutting Shears Kitchen Scissors £13.39 @ Dino Direct
Progressive international is your source for the widest range of functional, inventive, and fun Kitchen Scissors kitchen tools and great ideas put into practice. Stainless Steel Pi… Read more

When I knife becomes a bitch to handle lol......


Will go well with my banana slicer and egg cracker.

Android 2.1 Ultra Thin 7" Double Touch Screen 4G Wifi G-sensor HDMI Output Tablet £98.23 (Was £196.46). + 10% Quidco ... Making this £88.40 @ Dino Direct.
Found 11th Mar 2011Found 11th Mar 2011
Android 2.1 Ultra Thin 7" Double Touch Screen 4G Wifi G-sensor HDMI Output Tablet £98.23 (Was £196.46). + 10% Quidco ... Making this £88.40 @ Dino Direct.
Good Price. General Operating System Android 2.1 Model ​MID Product Type Tablet PC Keyboard Touch screen Pointing Device Stylus or finger Battery Type 1-Cell 2600MAH Li-ion Batt… Read more

site says vat not included


Dunno where to find that info?


useless without mhz/ram mbs!


General Operating System ​Android 2.1 Model ​MID Product Type ​Tablet PC Keyboard ​Touch screen Pointing Device Stylus or finger Battery Type ​1-Cell 2600MAH Li-ion Battery Battery / Run Time (up to) ​About 3 hours Power Device Type ​AC Adapter Voltage required ​100/240V Miscellaneous / Color ​Black Dimensions / W x D x H ​192 x 115 x 15 mm Net Weight ​0.44 kg Storage and Expansion Hard Drive Type NAND Fast Flash Hard Drive Capacity 4G Hard Drive Spindle Speed NAND Fast Flash PCMCIA Expansion SD/SDHC (Support 32G MAX) Input/Output Connectors Ports 1 x Full size USB Host 1 x Mini USB 2.0 port 1 x HDMI 1.3 port 1 x SD/SDHC Card slot 1 x DC jack 1 x 3.5mm Earphone jack Audio/Video Headphone3.5/HDMI 1.3 Full HD 1080P Output Communications Networking / Data Link Protocol Fast Ethernet Wireless Connection Wifi Wireless Protocol 802.11 a/b/g Support Format Video MKV(H.264 DIVX XVID), AVI(H.264 DIVX XVID), RM/RMVB, WMV, MOV, FLV(H.263 H.264), MPEG, MPG, PMP, DAT(VCD Format), VOB(DVD Format), MP4(H.264 MPEG DIVX XVID), 3GP, ASF, TS ,TP Audio MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, WAV Picture JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF Ebook WORD, EXCEL, PPT, PDF, TXT, HTML Performance Processor Type ARM 1176 Processor Clock Speed 720MHz-800MHz Processor / Manufacturer Telechips Processor Model Telechips 8902 Cache Memory / Type I-Cache Cache Memory / Installed Size 2M RAM / Technology DDR 2 RAM Installed Size 256MB Display Diagonal Size 7 inch Max Resolution 800X480 Display Technology Resistive Touch Screen(Support Double Touch) Graphics Type Integrated Graphics Graphics Model Support 1080P What's in the box ​1 x AC Adapter 1 x USB Cable 1 x Earphone 1 x HDMI cable 1 x Stylus pen 1 x Leather case(Black or Brown, delivered randomly) 1 x User Manual Additional Features ​Built-in Speaker, G-sensor, 1080P Full HD Support, HDMI 1.3 Output


Nice one, no for some reason you can't modify a link to your thread, I tried to do this earlier.

7Inch Android 3G Mini Laptop Netbook E-Book £64.07 with free delivery @ www.dinodirect.com
Found 2nd Jan 2011Found 2nd Jan 2011
7Inch Android 3G Mini Laptop Netbook E-Book £64.07 with free delivery @ www.dinodirect.com
Not sure which books to bring on your trip? With the Google eBook reader, you will never have to make that choice again. This Google Android 7" touch screen colour eBook reader is … Read more
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I remember reading that tablets were going to be big this year so ereaders will become less popular. But i found this neat piece of kit.http://ebookreaderworld.co.uk/sovos-svebk5b-colour-ebook-ereader-700-ebooks/ http://www.sovos.co.uk/products/portable/ereader.php I think John Lewis do them for £80. Can anyone advise me on this as i dont know what i am talking about......oh, and i am female. oO


X) I had been looking at the Sovos. The kindle doesnt have a back light as far as i know. The Sovos has got loads of uses, i am on the fence right now.


Not feeling the import tax's


A lot of a great stuff comes out of China, and a lot of cheap crap tat. This is tat.


colour e-readers coming out in force this year. would be worth waiting for if this is your bag.

PS3 Dual Shock Controller £15.88 @ DinoDirect
Found 7th Dec 2010Found 7th Dec 2010
PS3 Dual Shock Controller £15.88 @ DinoDirect
This is a deal for an EU compatible Sony PS3 Dual Shock Controller with FREE shipping from the US and Paypal. 50% off sale which ends on the 10th. Part posting this as it's CHEAP … Read more
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I think it's a legit company but it looks like the same set up as DX or Focalprice.


Not voted but are they legit?


You need to worry about customs charges more than Value Added Tax.(This deal may be better suited to HOTUSDeals.com in any respect; although I appreciate Worldwide Shipping is offered).The image on the merchant's site also seems to imply that the wireless technology is implemented using a "dongle"; if this is the case, the "Six Axis" (note: not "SIXAXIS") controller is not an official Sony product:[ http://www.dinodirect.com/SONY-PS3-Dual-Shock-Six-Axis-Wireless-Controller-Christmas-Gift-currency-GBP.html ][image missing]Plus, an official PS3 controller does not have a button labelled "P3" in the middle.If this is an unofficial controller you may find that connection by USB is not possible, certainly with the next revision of the official System Software (3.55) [due in a matter of weeks, if not days].BFN,fp.


...Plus you'll end up with an unofficial controller. fanpages beat me to it. Oh, maybe he didn't. Think my browser is playing tricks on me.

Dino Direct 50% off everything!
Found 30th Nov 2010Found 30th Nov 2010
Dino Direct 50% off everything!
Chinese site with free delivery everywhere, can pay by paypal. Just got myself a new laser pen and a acekard 2



I have ordered from there before several times, but I only just looked at the reviews and I dont think I should speak any more.. lol


So glad I read the link posted above, was just about to order a Tablet from them. Thanks for the heads up


" Just got myself a new laser pen and a acekard 2 " No, you've ordered them; whether you ever get them is a different matter entirely.


http://www.rateitall.com/i-2519078-dinodirect.aspx check the company reviews first

Waterproof case for Compact Digital Camera £4.29 @ DinoDirect
Found 20th Aug 2010Found 20th Aug 2010
Waterproof case for Compact Digital Camera £4.29 @ DinoDirect
Search the watersports websites and these usually start around the £15+ range, so looks really cheap. Downside is that free delivery option takes 7-10 days, so you'll have to wai… Read more

Is that with the same seal as these? The underwater bags I've used have hard plastic / thumbscrew arrangement to lock the zip seal end tight. Looking at the fastening in the zoomed pictures of the product pages I found they didn't look so secure and they made no claims on the underwater depth they can be used at. http://www.dinodirect.com/digital-camera-waterproof-case-dry-bag-two-sealing-tape-ordinary-fs02.html?cur=GBP http://www.dinodirect.com/jiamei-waterproof-case-bag-three-sealing-tape-digital-camera-cell-phone-mp3-mp4-fs06.html?cur=GBP Some of the similar bags on the site do say the underwater depth they are rated for use but are more expensive at around £14 http://www.dinodirect.com/tteoobl-waterproof-case-digital-camera-wp-018.html?cur=GBP I guess any of them that say they're for underwater use would be OK in shallow water... As you say the bags with hard lens extensions like this one are best for zoom cameras (mine was around £10 delivered on eBay). You need to find a good fit if you don't want your lens to jam if the camera moves around in the bag (although with the bags I've used the plastic is 'rubbery' so the camera can't move too easily).


I've used one of these bags on two holidays now, both snorkelling in the red sea. They are waterproof, I probably spent around 10 hours in the sea with one of these with my camera in, no water got through once. 3 lock system on the end of the bag. Like I said earlier though, try and get the case with the solid extension on the front rather than the flimsy one, picture quality is much better on the solid one.


These might say "waterproof" but I certainly wouldn't trust them underwater. For keeping splashes and sand off the camera they're fine. I have used cheap ( [Stupid new site cut off everything else I'd written - it keeps doing this which is why I hardly ever bother to comment on deals anymore.]


easy to do, i think expire and edit should be move more apart ! Have done it myself before today !


Mod, please un-expire. I hit the wrong button on my phone. Sorry

Lightweight Stereo Bluetooth Headset Headphone 8800 £15.18 at Dino direct
Found 27th May 2010Found 27th May 2010
Lightweight Stereo Bluetooth Headset Headphone 8800 £15.18 at Dino direct
I've been looking for a Stereo Bluetooth Headset like this and thought this seemed pretty good Should be able to use it with my own set of headphones, Phone, MP4 player and PS3 Us… Read more

there is a video review in the link. it is a branded (jvc) one includes earphones (not great according to the review) but at least you wont have to wait too long for delivery unlike the one posted that probably ships from hong kong.


That £5 more, is it better?


you can get this one ]http://www.mymemory.co.uk/Bluetooth-Headphones/JVC/JVC-HA-W700BT-Bluetooth-Stereo-Headphones---iPhone-Compatible for £20.99 if you use the code jvc3

Otamatone Sound Toy £27.30 @ DinoDirect
Found 28th Apr 2010Found 28th Apr 2010
Otamatone Sound Toy £27.30 @ DinoDirect
Otamatone - the genius singing machine! Otamatone - the genius singing machine! The Otamatone is that perfect gift that you've been searching for. Unique and brand new, with a Jap… Read more

jajaxD found dis on youtube, it's dirt cheap and i luv free shipping stuff.


Bump for anyone that may have missed this.


OMG I want one!!!! Hahaha, just watched the vids on youtube and it sent the cat crazy!!!!!


Not another thing I want but don't need!!! Thanks for this though - wanted to get one since I got to know about Meywa Denki. When I signed up to the site they gave me 100 dino points which seem to bring the price down to £26.65 - even cheaper!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWkuJFQRNSY&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qecPQ0FB-64&feature=player_embedded

3 in 1 Stand for Playstation 3 Slim £19.06 @ DinoDirect
Found 5th Apr 2010Found 5th Apr 2010
3 in 1 Stand for Playstation 3 Slim £19.06 @ DinoDirect
Technical Details * Keep your Playstation 3 Slim and accessories in order with the 3 in 1 Stand * Holds your PS3 Slim upright * USB Cable plugs into your Playstation, … Read more

ok. for me it is hot as I need a stand, game holders, and controler charger, If I was about to buy it all separately it would cost me much more......


think the problem isnt that it cant be found cheaper, just that the product is a bit ****


why it is cold? as amazon price is £19.95 here is link to that stand at dinodirect: http://www.dinodirect.com/3-in-1-Holder-Stand-for-PS3-Slim-Console-Black/AFFID-33.html?cur=GBP itis a bit cheaper +you get a free gift

Non Oem Black Wiimote,MoteGlove & Nunchuck £16 Delivered ! @Dinodirect 17 Hours Left !
Found 23rd Feb 2010Found 23rd Feb 2010
Non Oem Black Wiimote,MoteGlove & Nunchuck £16 Delivered ! @Dinodirect 17 Hours Left !
Bought these just after christmas for £24 Identical to Official Nintendo ( no branding) Was wary when i bought them because of the awful one i got off DealExtreme but ive not had … Read more
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Mines perfect and thanks fro checking the code ill remove it :thumbsup:


i'm even more sceptical after reading the 'reviews'. you sure they're good? they certainly look the business!


Just needed 1... look good accd.. to the reveiw.. I have never use this company before... i hope it arrives and work fine as the others has quoted... heat added..


Code doesn't work! Still cheap, but no point writing about code, when checking takes about 2 seconds...