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Asus Cerberus Gaming Peripherals Bundle from DinoPc.com - £89.28
Found 20th Jul 2017Found 20th Jul 2017
Asus Cerberus Gaming Peripherals Bundle from DinoPc.com - £89.28
A reasonable price for an Asus branded complete gaming peripheral bundle. Everything here including mouse, mouse mat, keyboard and headset! The mouse is also ambidextrous so you le… Read more
Samsung 256GB Polaris PM961 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD £76.56 DinoPC
Found 25th May 2017Found 25th May 2017
Samsung 256GB Polaris PM961 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD £76.56 DinoPC
A Samsung 256GB M.2 drive featuring NAND Flash and Samsungs Polaris controller for improved performance and reliability Sequential Read/Write up to 2800/ up to 1100 Mbps Maximum … Read more

Would be HOT at that price if you could buy it, but you can't. Expire before it gets really cold in here.


sold out only 128gb left


Yes seller warranty, none with Samsung is what i meant


Listing removed. Incoming cancellations


it says £25 postage for me

DINO MAMMOTH - Free X Fire and PSU upgrade £1099 @ dinopc
Found 7th Mar 2016Found 7th Mar 2016
DINO MAMMOTH - Free X Fire and PSU upgrade £1099 @ dinopc
Free XFIRE and PSU upgrade when you buy a DINO MAMMOTH PC from dinopc.com FREE 2nd R9 390 GPU and free PSU upgrade to 850W gold rated PSU.
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Hard drives do hum/buzz though secured or not. If you unplugged them it will stop. Not sure what you can do as i haven't been able to stop it. The cables for the drives might be pushed against the case. I guess some cases are more prone to it.


If you press down a little on certain places of the case, the buzzing stops. All of my drives are well secured


Obviously and I also called myself out hence the Youtube link I gave :)


The buzz could be from a 3.5" drive you have installed.


I have a self build PC with the same Corsair 540 Carbide case. Lots of room and looks great but has an annoying buzz to it. I'm sure it needs unscrewing and rescrewing with something to dampen the vibrations, like a small bit of PTFE tape.

Dino PC gaming pcs black friday deals inc monitor £699
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Dino PC gaming pcs black friday deals inc monitor £699
DinoPC have some good deals on gaming machines today. This one is 699 + pp. Cheaper options available too. - Intel® Core™ i5 6400 - 8GB RAM DDR4 - 240GB SSD - NVIDIA GTX 960 2… Read more

Yes, any of these would be fine.


Would this be any good for mine craft h1z1 and football manager???


Woah actually just realised the above includes a monitor haha :) heat it is, didn't vote either way


This isn't worth it for that spec imo just made a cheaper one with better specs for £649 includes i7 4970k 16gb ram 2tbhd 280ssd and gtx 970 with bullets and blades promo code for a free game.


Monitor is worth £180 Keyboard and mouse are worth £120 £400 for that system is a pretty good deal (if you remove them on the customise screen they it doesn't give you their full value back though). PSU is branded (albeit only 450W ). The £269 Black Hole is also fairly interesting as a low end gaming PC although not listing the PSU is a bit disappointing given it's a system building site, suggests no wiggle room for upgrading the GPU. *edit* You can upgrade by selecting customize.

Black Hole £269 @ Dino PC
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Black Hole £269 @ Dino PC
same price as an Xbox one/ps4. for a PC that will beat them. plenty of options for upgrading with reasonable costs and a wireless Xbox 360 controller thrown in. heck of a bargain.
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No longer sold


but you cant really plasy mmorpgs with a controller, or any of the big valve games for that matter


Small point, if you're looking at the Black Hole, and were interested in the 8gb ram, the i3 6100. Its better to get the Black Mamba and remove the screen, keyboard and mouse from the customisation. That way you have a free upgrade on the motherboard (£30), and have full width chassis for bigger gpu's....


great way to get into pc,s and u can get a windows 7 key for bout £10. and it will keep up with the xbox ones, and steam keys are loads cheaper than console games with 1000,s of titles to choose from and loads for free for mmorpg and other games like hitman etc.


This should not be cold!

Dinopc.com £708.20 i5 4690k R9 280x
Found 25th Mar 2015Found 25th Mar 2015
Dinopc.com £708.20 i5 4690k R9 280x
I chose the Spartan GTX 960 and customised it to this. I5 4690k Windows 8.1 Z97p-d3 8gb 2133mhz Ram 500gb hd Dvd drive R9 280x 7.1 audio Zalman z1 case This is all customisable… Read more

So I have finished building and it has saved me about £40 to build it myself I don't really see why this has gone so cold. Most people can't or don't build their own pc's so I still think this should have gone hot but hey ho


A bit old now. E8600 with an nvidia 670. (I can manage to swap a gfx card ;) ) Been waiting to see the 'proper' next gen stuff like Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight before I get a new rig. Want to know what the best value set up will be to run those well. Just slumming it on ps4 and XB1 in the mean time :)


So come on mate, whats your setup like :p


It's a Corsair 550W psu ~ £40. So really just windows cheaper. I put in a RRP £80 version. I'd still rather pay to have someone do the work for me ;)


Very true. Just remember PSUs devalue just the same as other hardware so there's also no need to blowout on the biggest, fanciest PSU you can find (unless you're running something crazy like a GTX Titan or 2).

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Intel Core i7 4710MQ quad core Laptop 8GB DDR3 1600mh Hard Drive Kingston 240GB SSD  3 Year Warranty £563.90 including delivery @ DinoPC
Found 5th Feb 2015Found 5th Feb 2015
Intel Core i7 4710MQ quad core Laptop 8GB DDR3 1600mh Hard Drive Kingston 240GB SSD 3 Year Warranty £563.90 including delivery @ DinoPC
Posted a shop bought laptop here with similar specs but having this made at DinoPC. You basically go in and customise as you want it. Add an extra £50 for Windows 8 but I got windo… Read more

Deal is no longer avaliable




Be careful on pixel resolution comparisons. Up to 1920x1080 and you get more on the screen -> good. Beyond 1920x1080, the OS will scale and use more of the pixels to give, for example, better looking fonts. In effect a 2560x1600 may appear to have the same resolution as a 1280x800 screen. You can fiddle but you need to determine, with your own eyesight, how you like this. You have to go to a shop eg apple store and pcworld/currys and look at the screens. Your phone will have super high resolution (1280x720 or above) on a 4-5+" screen and gives a sense of what a 2560x1600 or above screen will look like (ie you can hardly notice the difference in terms of amount of text, but your eyes may determine a better quality). 2560x1600 and above is a bit of a nightmare - the pixel comparison no longer works and you can look at the actual screen size or pixels-per-inch (ppi), but bigger ppi doesnt mean "better". For web browsing - most of this doesnt matter. To programmers and video/image editing people, it makes a big difference.


Wenttoabetterplace that surface pro certainly is impressive I imagine as they become more mainstream they could reduce in price and give apple a run for its money. Givern apple reduced its macbookpro price its probably already happening.


Cheers it's for my lad for him to use through uni studying software engineering ,and yes he's a gamer so he will take full advantage of the power

Desktop gaming pc £549.99 @ Dino PC
Found 6th Jan 2015Found 6th Jan 2015
Desktop gaming pc £549.99 @ Dino PC
Just found a good cheap gaming pc see link for specs
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I really hope you didn't end up buying that pc for your son.


First rule of HUKD: Don't post prebuilt computers, especially 'gaming' ones. Also the 750ti sucks.




excellent pc for the money you should definitely go down this route instead, better specs all round and 4 times the storage space no brainer


remove the os up the psu to a corsair 550w, mind this only works if you own an os already

Pegasus 17.3" GTX 860M Laptop laptop(s) £799 @ dinopc
Found 3rd Jan 2015Found 3rd Jan 2015
Pegasus 17.3" GTX 860M Laptop laptop(s) £799 @ dinopc
In my opinion, we have here a decent gaming laptop, adequately priced (I think) :P in the hopes it can deliver good gaming performance on games such as bioshock infinite as well as… Read more
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Having done quite a bit of research I'd say this laptop is a great deal but definitely add £63 option to go for the far superior i7-4710MQ processor. As stated above the GTX 860M is a great value gpu and should play most high end games now however it's at it's limit. Beware though their is little future proofing if you like games to be played at the highest settings, in 2 years time you will be looking for a new laptop. For most people who like playing the latest games but can lower down the settings if need be then this is a good spec at almost the cheapest price you will find.


+1 for Dell Outlet, but not sure you will get a current gen Alienware 17 around this price range. Ive had good luck with Outlet though - had my XPS L702x for 3.5 years now



if you can, it might be worth waiting for the glut of Alienware laptop returns that always occurs mid-January Massively overpriced on retail but some bargains to be had in Dell Outlet. But beware - laptop does not always mean 'portable'!


So is this accurate? BioShock Infinite 1920 x 1080 - Ultra preset + DX11 (DDOF) top 10 GeForce GTX 860M 41 fps GeForce GT 650M 17.45 fps notebookcheck.net Crysis 3 1920 x 1080 - Very High preset + 16xAF + 2xSMAA top 10 GeForce GTX 860M 18.9 fps GeForce GT 650M 8.4 fps notebookcheck.net If so, I believe the term is 'burned'?

AMD/ATI Video Editing/ Gaming System FX-8320 Radeon R9 270X Dino PC £702.49 delivered @ Dino Pc
Found 25th Sep 2014Found 25th Sep 2014
AMD/ATI Video Editing/ Gaming System FX-8320 Radeon R9 270X Dino PC £702.49 delivered @ Dino Pc
I've taken the base model, downgraded the graphics card from the 280X to the 270X and added an optical drive. Specs below: CPU:  AMD FX 8320 Black Edition Operating System:  Windo… Read more

Now suspended, but yeah this is good advice. If you are going to own a desktop, building your own is a great way to understand what is in your PC. It will help you maintain and upgrade in the long run. Head over to Overclockers UK for build guides (they are great), and I agree with the positive comments on Win 8. I love this OS, it takes a little getting used to but if you are prepared to learn it is a great OS. In terms of OS pricing, you can get an activation key for Win 8 for less than £15 from G2A.com. I have used them myself and they work fine. You can download an .ISO to install from easily and legally and it really helps cut the cost of a new system build. I would always advise going with the best CPU and motherboard combo you can afford. The graphics card is important, but the tech is moving so fast right now that you can upgrade this in a year or 2 and see huge performance jumps. It is so much easier to upgrade a GPU than a CPU. Some of the 7 series Nvida cards are going dirt cheap right now. £140 for a GTX 760 will keep you going for a while, if you look around on ebay you might be able to pick something better up for less. I've never had a bad Nvidia card from ebay, be wary of getting AMD cards 2nd hand though since coin mining rigs prefer them and they can easily be knackered.


no get windows 8.1 its far better than 7 and now you can it to look the same aswell. it uses less power and is faster


Cold. What a dog ugly case.


Don't forget to NOT get windows 8! Get W7 instead!


Thanks for the help, looks like I'm going to take the plunge and build my own then!

New Destroyer. GTX 750 TI. Gaming pc £539  from dino PC
Found 7th Apr 2014Found 7th Apr 2014
New Destroyer. GTX 750 TI. Gaming pc £539 from dino PC
List Price: £599.00 Price: £539.00 inc. VAT Standard Specification: CPU: NEW! Intel Core i5 4440 Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Motherboard: NEW! Gigabyte H81M-D2V RAM: 8… Read more

I voted Hot because I appreciate that, alas, not everyone wants to build their own and Dino are one of the better builders out there, in terms of allowing you to customise, allowing you to choose which components you want. Dell used to be much better at that than they are now, but even if Dell was as Dell of old, I can't remember Dell, or many of the present day ebay deals, allowing you to choose which power supply you want.


Keep in mind that commercial system builders predominantly use 'OEM' versions of components which, when bought in bulk, save them money and come with a limited one year warranty as standard, whereas we are usually buying full 'retail box' components from ebuyer and Amozon, etc, which come in boxes with all of the little extras, driver DVDs, instructions manuals, etc, and in some cases longer warranties. But if there is a point to be made, here, it's surely that system builders should pass those savings on to their customers if they would rather not see people building their own rigs.


Agreed, would rather build it yourself that way you get your pick of RAM and PSU. Warranty is nice but I'd rather take my chances and put the money towards a K variant i5. Much more future proof, just OC and it's good for well past its shelf life.


£500.27 for parts. So you're paying £40 for them to build it and fix it throughout the 3 years - this isn't bad, but this never would have been £599, so if I were you I wouldn't give your money to a company who blatantly lies like that This is worrying, since pretty much all of these parts are covered by a 2-3 year warranty. Having parts covered for only the first year makes it look like they will charge you to replace them after that, while they have them replaced with the manufacturer for free. Systems that charge a "build cost" of 100 usually include 3 years parts and labour. Again, doubt it ever would have been £599 and if it was, that is daylight robbery :p Avoid.


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/intel-i7-3770-quad-core-3-4ghz-8gb-1tb-desktop-computer-410-99-ebay-pc-customiser-1871904 This was posted on Sunday £100 cheaper but needed an operating system..new CPU and a graphics card ??

Dinopc i5-3470 Desktop Windows7 2/3years warranty £391.49 inc P&P @DinoPC.com
Found 6th Feb 2013Found 6th Feb 2013
Dinopc i5-3470 Desktop Windows7 2/3years warranty £391.49 inc P&P @DinoPC.com
Been looking for basic i5 desktop with Windows7 and good warranty. To get the above price need to modify linked product as follows:- 1. change CPU to Intel Core i5 3470 2. selec… Read more

used dinopc before.. really excellent build and service


This gives you a lot of time to contemplate and cancel if you should find something that suites you better.


strange is that people who lives in poor europe countries, earning £350 a month and buying pc or laptop for £1000. And here in uk people earning 1000£ a month and buying pc for £350. Funny.


A friend wanted a basic Windows7 desktop and I suggested the Dino (good warranty for the price) but they opted for the smaller Dell. Shame.


I bought a PC from Dino PC before and I can't recommend them enough for the quality of the build - had it 2 years now and mine hasn't missed a beat. Still lightning fast too. The only issue with Dino Pc is that they do tend to take a while building it. I think mine took 3 weeks to arrive but as long as you don't mind waiting, they are excellent!

Nicosaurus H77 - Multimedia Desktop PC - Dinopc - £525
Found 13th Jun 2012Found 13th Jun 2012
Nicosaurus H77 - Multimedia Desktop PC - Dinopc - £525
Have been looking around for a high quality multimedia pc and came across this. I have compared to systems offered by similar companies and this is a great price. Standard Specif… Read more

1, it's their, not there 2, i don't care if people buy prebuilts or not, it's their choice 3, there are some deals, especially with OS included you can't beat on price 4, customs PCs are not about being cheaper, they're about choosing the components freely so that they fit the purpose of the PC the best. 5, when building on your own, you know what goes in, so no used part "sneaks" in


Not everyone has either the time or the inclination to build there own so all the nerds who come up with the "I can build it myself cheaper" statement are missing the point of these pre built deals.I'm glad for you that you can build it cheaper - but, I dont want to build my own system!


kunyk spot on.


i7 2600k is better than 3570k, firstly, it can achieve higher speeds in overclocking , secondly it has got 8 threads instead of just 4 + has bigger cache and thirdly TDP of 95W vs 77W is negligible. the only thing is GPU, but seriously, who cares, you won't game, so how does it matter?


the i7 2600K has nearly 30% higher current draw and the on-chip graphics capability is significantly lower the i5 also appears to have the edge overall http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2012/05/01/intel-core-i5-3570k-cpu-review/5

Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti 1Gb at DINOPC £87.39 @ Dino Pc
Found 16th May 2012Found 16th May 2012
Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti 1Gb at DINOPC £87.39 @ Dino Pc
to me it seems a very good deal, considering the tests. but it s true that i didn't know this card before. browsing to find a new custom assembled laptop i got into it. let me know… Read more

Op should read more about graphic cards nowadays. Currys/PC world had ASUS 6770 for £50 ish. And this one is unbranded?


He clearly means the 6850. It's miles better than this card for the same price.


A 6950 is more than double the price of this mate.


Sure you don't mean the 6850?


Not a terrible price for the card, but a HD6950 scores 50% higher than it on that website you gave and it can be had for a very similar price. I could not recommend someone buy this I'm afraid.

Intel Core i5 OC Bundle - Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3-B3, Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.5Ghz, 120GB Corsair SSD, 8GB Corsair @ 478 from dinopc
Found 19th Jun 2011Found 19th Jun 2011
Intel Core i5 OC Bundle - Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3-B3, Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.5Ghz, 120GB Corsair SSD, 8GB Corsair @ 478 from dinopc
Intel Core i5 2500K CPU Overclocked to 4.5Ghz from 3.3Ghz! Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3-B3 Motherboard (Intel Z68 Chipset, DDR3, Socket 1155) Coolermaster TX3 Cooler Corsair 8GB… Read more

Are these bundles pre-assembled or is the CPU just checked that it will OC to that level?


It's a lot of money for some PC components, but I have to say this is just about the best kit you can get right now.


Quite decent. Hot from me. But I have an AMD 1090t so don't need it, really.


thats not bad at all

Corsair 120GB SSD SATA II  £138 + £3 P&P @ Dino pc
Found 17th Jun 2011Found 17th Jun 2011
Corsair 120GB SSD SATA II £138 + £3 P&P @ Dino pc
For maximum performance for the ultimate system. The Corsair Force Series SSD product line offers the highest performance in Read/Write speeds of up to a maximum read speed of 285M… Read more
Corsair 60GB SSD reduced from £99 to £66 + £3 shipping @ Dino pc
Found 17th Jun 2011Found 17th Jun 2011
Corsair 60GB SSD reduced from £99 to £66 + £3 shipping @ Dino pc
stumbled accross this and thought it might be interesting: For maximum performance for the ultimate system. The Corsair Force Series SSD product line offers the highest performanc… Read more
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They told me the same, I never got email but the left a message on answer phone. I don't recommend this company one bit at all. In fact I'm tempted to cancel the order completely.


They phoned and left a message saying to ring them back regarding SSD as its important. I wonder what there going to tell me, not phoned them yet. Is it still worth getting if its refurbished? Shall I try and ask for reduction!


I emailed them to find out what was happening and they said they sent me an email saying that I was getting a refurbished one but it was no were to be seen. So I cancelled my order.


If its brand new, then there should be a 2.5' to 3.5' adaptor in the box.


they might have had some that weren't refurbished... might be lucky :) you should get a email confirming delivery tho

Intel Core i7 870 £178.80 @ Dino PC
Found 15th Jun 2011Found 15th Jun 2011
Intel Core i7 870 £178.80 @ Dino PC
Interface: Socket 1156 Bus Speed: 4.8GT/sec Core Frequency: 4 x 2.93GHz Process Technology: 45nm Cache: 8MB Special Features: Thermal Design Power: 95W Quad Core Enhanced Intel Sp… Read more

I think I'd go for today's CPU CPU comparison


£120? how come?


Great CPU , I have one myself, though I only paid £120 few month back for it

Asus P8H61-M LE, Intel Core i3 2100, 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Bundle £166.80 @ Dino PC
Found 15th Jun 2011Found 15th Jun 2011
Asus P8H61-M LE, Intel Core i3 2100, 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Bundle £166.80 @ Dino PC
An unbelievable bundle deal that you will not find cheaper elsewhere! Includes: Intel Core i3 2100 CPU (3MB Cache, 2 x 3.1Ghz) Asus P8H61-M LE Motherboard (Intel H61 Chipset, DDR3… Read more

Purchased two computers from Dino PC. Had no problems with the retailer and has good reviews.


Seems a good price but add £8 for delivery, never heard of retailer and site seems horribly slow and basic. was going to add heat, but really not sure about this retailer. And what on earth is 'original ram'?

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition PC £491.79 @ DinoPC
Found 31st Jan 2011Found 31st Jan 2011
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition PC £491.79 @ DinoPC
A pretty good spec gaming pc for a reasonable price i think. CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Motherboard: Asus M… Read more

Maybe he had a bad experience, people i know hav'nt.


He said bad customer service, in other words, if there is a problem, you'll be in the gutter. He wasn't complaining about the quality of the components.


Yh sorry its this one http://www.dinopc.com/shop/pc/Duke-AMD-955-93p757.htm my dad had no problem when he bought his, his thinking about getting a new one from here as its a good price.


This company must have the worst customer service going at the moment, I bought this same spec PC in November it was delivered and was faulty, after 2 months of emails and leaving answer phone message " which nobody ever returns" I was refunded my £548 only yesterday, their prices may be cheap but so is the customer service.


A link direct to the machine that you are listing here, I just had a look & cant find the one you have listed?