Dinosaur King 'Deluxe' Card Swiper only £7.99 in store or online at Toys R Us

Dinosaur King 'Deluxe' Card Swiper only £7.99 in store or online at Toys R Us

Found 25th May 2010
Dinosaur King 'Deluxe' Card Swiper

My son has recently gone crazy for this cartoon and when I first found this card swiper at £17.99 I thought it a little pricey.

However at £7.99 it feels like a good price. Plenty of stock at Toys R Us in Ilford.

At time of looking it was
£8.99 at Amazon
£13.49 at Play (Bummer as I have vouchers)
£14.99 at Argos (although the figures (seperate toy) are half price there)
£19.99 at Sainsburys

The Dinosaur King Card Holder stores all your Dino Cards! Swipe your chosen Dino Card and you will hear the actual sounds from the show as your favourite dinosaur's transform into life!

Join Max, Rex and Zoe as they travel the world in a race against time! Their mission is to gather as many Dinosaur Cards as possible, before the evil Alpha Gang swipes them up. Whoever controls these mysterious cards can bring the Dinosaurs they hold to life and use them in battle!

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