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Diofield Chronicle Switch - £27.99 @ Game Farnborough

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Under the same deal recently posted for Tactics Ogre. Seems like Game are trying to shift some of their Christmas stock 🤷‍♂️

Seen in Farnborough Game. I tried the demo it wasn’t for me so there at least one copy there!

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    Against my better judgement, I bought a copy of this from Game for full price nearer release in order to get the steelbook. They sent me a used copy with a PS4 steelbook and wouldn't even cover the cost of the return. Scummy company.

    Anyway, it's a slightly better price from TGC right now at £26, so no need for anyone to have to sully themselves by buying from Game.
    They steelbook may still be worth a fair bit on eBay No point keeping it if you have the Switch game lol
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    For anyone on the fence about the game, there is a demo for all systems that I'd recommend trying out first. The demo is 1-2 hours and will give you a solid idea on how the game plays and what it's about.
    Although I enjoyed the game a lot, it plays very safe, and nothing really advances from what you get in the demo. You do grow a party, which all have upgradable weapons and skill trees, but nothing that really changes the way you play. Some of the first abilities in the skill tree are insanely OP and you can just cruise through the missions with them. I purposely avoided them and it's still a breeze.
    The story is pretty good, but you can tell it's a lower budget game that Square put out with full intention of getting a 7/10. Not sure how it sold, but if I feel like it's a great starting starting point if they were ever to do a sequel, as they could work on the base formula and flesh it all out a bit more. Price seems about right for me if you enjoy the demo.