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Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette 100ml £59.99 at The Perfume Shop

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Never seen 100ml so cheap, even from discounters. Forget the haters everyone should own 100ml Sauvage EDT lol.

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Sauvage is an act of creation inspired by wide-open spaces. An ozone blue sky that dominates a white-hot rocky landscape.

The strong gust of citrus in Sauvage Eau de Toilette is powerfully anchored by the ambery nobleness of ambroxan, resinous elemi and woods.

Instantly recognizable, it has become a genuine signature scent, unique* in its confident virility.

Like a deep breath of fresh air, Sauvage Eau de Toilette is a bold composition for a man who is authentic and true.

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    Thanks. £50.99 with student discount.
    £54 Choose Dior as favourite brand extra 10% off (edited)
    did you get the extra 10% , i only got the 15% but same price 50.99, was hoping for 45 lol
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    50.99 with totum student discount, didnt take 10% brand extra off though as well
    Same with UNiDAYS if anyone doesn’t have Totum
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    No thread would be complete without this.
    Disappointed I had to scroll past 30 odd comments before seeing this
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    £9 student discount available. Heat
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    No more for me. Got Mont Blanc explorer, legend, Joop Homme and Armani man all in the space of a month!
    I really like both explorer and joop. Not opened the others yet! Explorer is more masculine I think, more classic lovely smell but doesn’t last as long as Joop (parfum brownish bottle), which is a sweeter, citrus smell. Last for ages. Can smell next day still, a lot nicer than the original joop.

    Just seen at Debenhams on sale debenhams.com/product/joop-joop-homme-eau-de-parfum-75ml_ydd08229 (edited)
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    Get the Lidl knock off for £5.99!
    What's is it called
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    Thanks , ordered as a blind buy, everyone seems to love it so not much risk was going to get elixir but lattafa asad is so good ive saved loads.
    I have the elixir. It's a nice smell, slightly spicier than the EDP and the smell changes throughout the day. But it's too expensive. I just bought this as a don't have the EDT and people say it's the best of the three. We shall see
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    Thanks so much for posting! They accepted my bluelight discount and favourite brand in store today  
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    Blue light discount available too takes 15%!off on top
    How much did you pay for it? Don’t think anybody’s got it cheaper than £50.99z
  10. Avatar
    £82.99 now
    Must have been a price mistake to start off with lol didn’t last 1 day
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    Got the FM version of this in EDP and its cheaper and most probably lasts longer
    Doesn’t even smell the same
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    Blimey; who are these students buying £50 worth of perfumes
    im a perpetual student, all you need is a qualifying online course
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    Does it last long
    Yep lasts ages!
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    Been as low as £47 in last year or so. John Lewis has had this at £54ish... Still a good deal but its been lower for sure...
    100ml for £47 and £54? No chance. It would've been 60ml at those prices.
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    How much better is the EDP (£103 100ml) over EDT?
    It isn't.
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    And I thought I was doing well with the £69.70 limited edition box from TPS that was on here last week! Great deal, heat added. 🔥 lovely scent, two sprays last all day 😃
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    Everyone has good things to say about this fragrance but what does it smell like. I don't want to buy it then get stuck when it's too strong. If it's anything like Paco Rabane Invictus then I'm out
    A bit like lynx Africa I think not flowery like invictus. It's definitely a mans scent.
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    EDP is better (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Thanks op, ordered with 10% off!
  20. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  21. Avatar
    Purchased with Unidays and quidco! Thanks!
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    Elixer all the way. Totally worth the extra price. Stays on me for a couple of days even after a shower.
    I had a free tester of elixir and its the best one out there no doubt, unbelievable performance and was going to buy as well but tried lattafa asad for £20 100ml and side by side its very very similar with still good performance 12 hourscso perhaps worth getting for daily and saving the elixir for special.
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    With such great reviews finally gave in and bought for £50.99 thanks OP
    Got 2litre of perfumes stocked cuz of these reviews & deals
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  25. Avatar
    Hopefully the TCB off will track meaning with my BLC discount I'll net out at £46
  26. Avatar
    £3 TCB bonus via opt-in today?
    2% or 6% TCB (it's ex.VAT for anyone wondering)
    15% unidays discount code
    1% Chase cashback
    Could be as low as £45
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    Can someone give me student discount please
  28. Avatar
    Ordered for £50.99 with BLC. Also bought some of this Attafa Asad stuff for £22.25 from EBay for daily usage when slumming it at work. YouTube reviews seem to big it up quite a bit.
    asad is the same as elixir rather that the edt so quite a difference in smell
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    Anyone have a student discount code they're not using?
  30. Avatar
    Bargain tbh
  31. Avatar
  32. Avatar
    Sadly no longer available
  33. Avatar
    Went in store this is a miss price (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Mines in the post being delivered tomorrow
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