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Dioralyte Rehydration Powers at Savers £1.99
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Dioralyte Rehydration Powers at Savers £1.99

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Posted 20th AprLocal
Savers selling blackcurrant 6 sachets for £1.99, next best price I can see if £3.00 at Asda. Boots nearer £4.00.
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Perfect hangover cure!
Excellent price, thanks for sharing.

Hoping there is plenty of stock in my local. Could do with quite a few boxes
I bought them in Aberystwyth yesterday as doing a half marathon tomorrow in this heat!
Perfect hangover cure!
Fixitbob20/04/2019 11:46

Was just about to say the same thing.

And me. Saved me no end of times. Great price!
Cheaper at Home Bargains. Voted hot
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If you’re planning on going to Egypt get stocked up!! Got back last night so I know .... !!
“Dioralyte Rehydration Powers”

Do you just take one sachet and then you have these powers? Do they do sachets for other powers? (Flight, invisibility etc?)

PS please don’t edit the title of the deal as it will stop my post from making any sense
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I wish they’d sell Pedialyte over here, comes already made up in a variety of flavours, and they even have them as ice pops.
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Silvermanxxx44 m ago

And me. Saved me no end of times. Great price!

And me.
Mum's been recovering from an operation and needed rehydration as she recovered. My sister picked up Supplements Direct Hydro (Zero Sugar, Zero Calorie) x 20 tablets in Cherry and Orange. They dissolve in water. Mum likes them as they have a pleasant taste compared to others.

2 packs for £2 from Home Bargains, sis said the RRP was much more.
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