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Diplome Dry Gin, 44% - 700ml £14.32 @ Amazon (Temporarily out of stock)

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Temporarily out of stock, but available to order

A gin out of time! Relaunched in 2013 using the same recipe that was perfected in 1945 during WWII; using spices sources from all over Europe and Morocco, macerated in pure beetroot alcohol and distilled in a small pot still. The result is Diplome Dry Gin, a wonderful spirit that should never have been forgotten.

After many Allied offensives culminating in the Normandy landings on the June 6, 1944, World War II finally came to an end in Europe on May 8, 1945 following the German surrender.

Six years of war, left France, and indeed all of Europe, weakened by the conflict.

The U.S. Army, who fought alongside France and its allies, remained after the war ended to provide security and aid in the reconstruction of the damaged countries.

Through a deal struck between Washington and Paris, 62,000 American soldiers and 1,250 civilians were stationed on a base in France, from which they traveled about the rest of the country.

In 1945, the U.S. army stationed in Europe contracted with local distilleries in France, Italy and Great Britain to provide gin to its GIs. A distillery in Dijon won the exclusive contract in France to supply the gin to the U.S. Army. Since at the time glass bottles were not available, the gin was delivered to the army in 20 liter jerry cans.

De Gaulle and Diplôme

In 1966, the French President, General Charles de Gaulle, announced the withdrawal of NATO's integrated military command, including the U.S. Army.

So, the American were asked to leave France

The distillery, their contract with the Americans completed, stopped producing the gin, but they kept the original recipe safely in their archive.

They continued to distill other spirits, such as crème de cassis.

the reVIVAL
Gin with 1945 Recipe

In the early 2010's, Edouard Betegnie learned of this historic gin. He led an extensive search to find the distillery that had supplied the U.S. Army and met the owners of the famous recipe. He received a strong enthusiasm from the distiller, and got the rights to produce the same “juice” with the same recipe, tools and methods as in 1945.

The original gin produced for the U.S. GIs“Diplôme” was born, the name symbolizing power, a guarantee of authenticity and the savoir-faire of French distilling methods.

This method gives Diplôme Dry Gin its fully round, rich taste, while keeping great freshness. Exceptionally smooth Diplôme Dry Gin is a gem for Gin connoisseur.

This is an old traditional handcrafted Gin.

Diplôme Dry Gin unique recipe is one of the oldest in France and is always bottled at 44% Vol. to achieve the best harmony between its aromas ans its strength. As a London Dry Gin nothing is added after the distillation expect water.

Since its creation, the Diplôme Dry Gin recipe has been recorded in the archives of the distillery, referenced as :


Using a traditional processes Diplôme Dry Gin is made from a selection of the finest natural botanical. Amongst these, genever berries, coriander, whole lemons, orange peel, angelica, iris root, saffron as well as fennel seed.

After macerating in pure neutral alcohol, the aromas are slowly distilled inside of a small Pot Still called « à bain marie ».

Tasting notes
The nose of Diplôme Dry Gin is a marvelous bouquet of blossoming cherry trees, cloves and the delicat expression of juniper and coriander seeds.

Each sip reveals an even greater complex and perfumed taste layered with zesty grapefruit, delicate nutty oils and a delightful infusion of lavender.

Its velvety texture is enlivened with rich exotic spices, dark chocolate and leads the way to a great earthy and lengthy finish.

And more cold is Diplôme more you will appreciate it.

Cheers !

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