Direct Line drivers rewards
Direct Line drivers rewards

Direct Line drivers rewards

This is an app from Direct line, it has vouchers from amazon, Argos, boost etc. All you have to do is run it in the background while driving. It says it has an age restriction but no checks are made. On iOS, not sure about android.


Even though I'm with direct line, when trying to register it didn't recognise my details.

what do you have to do?
How long do you do it?
How much for say £5 voucher?

I'm with DL but never sure about these apps, yes we give you tips how to build your score but do thy store the bad points and do they count against your renewel cost.
I have a Tomtom Curfur which does the same as this via a plugin on your managment socket on your car, I drove 225 miles and lost points in the multi storey car at the end.

**** compNy
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