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Direct return flight from London-Gatwick to Bridgetown (Barbados), 22nd to 29th February via TUI

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Great deal ! They are dropping the price because they have to fill the plane I guess.

The destination

Bridgetown is the capital and largest city of Barbados, a Caribbean island nation. Known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and historic sites, Bridgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Barbados, located in the eastern Caribbean, is renowned for its friendly locals, rich history, and the birthplace of rum. The island offers a mix of colonial architecture, lush landscapes, and a diverse range of activities, making it a popular tourist destination.

In Barbados and Bridgetown, there's a good variety of activities and landmarks to explore. Here's a list of interesting places to visit and things to do:

  • Harrison's Cave: Explore the stunning underground caverns with unique formations and crystal-clear pools.
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve: Encounter green monkeys, turtles, and various wildlife in a natural setting.
  • Carlisle Bay: Relax on the pristine beaches or indulge in water activities like snorkeling and paddleboarding.
  • Oistins Fish Fry: Experience local culture and cuisine at the popular Oistins Fish Fry, a lively Friday night event.
  • Mount Gay Rum Distillery: Take a tour of the oldest rum distillery in the world and learn about the island's rum-making heritage.
  • St. Nicholas Abbey: Visit this historic plantation house, rum distillery, and botanical gardens for a glimpse into Barbados' colonial past.
  • Andromeda Botanic Gardens: Enjoy a stroll through this tropical garden showcasing a diverse collection of plants and flowers.
  • Bathsheba Beach: Marvel at the unique rock formations and powerful surf at this picturesque east coast beach.
  • Crop Over Festival: If visiting in late February, catch the climax of the Crop Over Festival, celebrating Barbadian culture with music, dance, and colorful parades.
  • Island Safari: Take an adventurous safari tour to explore the island's rugged interior, including lush forests and historic sites.
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    If you are booking a hotel with say booking.com or similar I would suggest that you take the opportunity to pre book a taxi as it can be VERY expensive otherwise and no shortage of people to take your money.

    If you stay in Holetown there are regular Reggie buses that go up and down the street taking you around the Island for a few dollars, you can go all the way into Bridgetown or two other direction, use google maps to get your bearings.

    Hotels can be insanely expensive so as I said perhaps find and plan them before committing to the flight, the tourist industry is picking up but still some are pretty empty, depends what kind of atmosphere you want.

    We go diving from the Boatyard Beachclub which is on the edge of Bridgetown, we have dived with West Side Scuba for the last 15yrs and they are well known, they do free hotel pickups and after diving/snorkeling you can use the beachclub, they are based at the Beachclub and also do snorkelling trips, padi.com/div…re/, be warned it can get very busy on cruise ship days, there is a nice beach, a bar and water toys there, you can check it out here restaurant-by-day

    HOLETOWN - Home of the famous Sandy Lane Hotel and some VERY fine restaurants being LONE STAR / THE TIDES / THE CLIFF all of these will need prior bookings, they are not cheap but an experience, check reviews to make up your own minds.

    Zooming in we see these restaurants
    Zooming in a bit more we see Massy Stores the very large modern supermarket which sells Waitrose essentials as well as other goods.The All Seasons resort I mentioned in another post as a bargain place to stay in this area as you also have access to the beach club across the road, OR just walk up the beach and enjoy Sandy Lane hotel beach as all beaches are public places but you can't lie on their pink luxurious loungers, but you can take a picnic and a rug

    Zooming in yet again you will see top right the Limegrove shopping Centre, this has all your Breitling, Rolex, Gucci and designer stuff, all real no fakes there so take your credit card! You will then see moving down Surfside and Zaccios, with have Happy Hours at sunset which is greatly appreciated with the cost of drinks there so load up, there are also market stalls selling stuff around that area, expats use the Happy Hours and you get fantastic sunsets there! At the bottom you will see Just Grillin, this is a nice steak house that does burgers and other foods, its a few minutes walk from the All Seasons Resort which is in a area called Sunset Crest, there is also a souvenir and liquor store there with decent brand stuff, just remember you are on an Island so have your expectations set.

    If you go on google maps you can have a look around and explore, bu thought I would concentrate on one of the best and safest areas of the island to try and help. From the All seasons Resort you would need a taxi or jump on a Reggie bus, (these are like yellow mini buses with music blaring out that are constantly roaming the island) to get to the Cliff or Lone Star restaurants otherwise you get get quite sweaty

    Tides is very walkable as is the supermarket. Also note that there are food trucks, well estate cars with the back doors open parked up with ready made hot meals for sale, so if you wanted jerk chicken or whatever to eat at your hotel then that can be picked up, and after a visit to one of these fine restaurants you will most likely be looking for them after

    Hope all this helps someone after the time it has taken me

    52197561-BRkhg.jpg (edited)
  2. Gadgetdeals's avatar
    Been there loads and loads of times, make sure you find your accommodation before booking, be VERY careful in Bridgetown don't have any valuables in plain sight.

    The West Coast is the posh side and I know of a property in Hole Town, `parish of St James next to Sandy Lane Hotel which is where the celebrities go, and you can walk along the beach and use the same beach as the Sandy Lane hotel as all are public beaches out there.

    This is the property and a few dates are still available, its a great base to explore that area at a budget price, hope it helps someone allseasonsresort.bb It has a pool and bungalows and a short walk across to the Beach club at the beach, lots of happy hour beach bars around and a large supermarket that also sells Waitrose essentials within walking distance.

  3. AlK123's avatar
    Too far for just a weeks holiday?
    AlK123's avatar
    Actually 2 weeks is £300 as well.
    Great price
  4. indie5's avatar
    Brilliant price
  5. jimyfloyd1's avatar
    BA or TUI?
    buzzard's avatar
    Probably booked with Tui, operated by BA.
  6. whatyadoin's avatar
    not bad, when i last looked (oct 23 for dates in jan and feb, on a good week i could fly virgin from manchester for the £365 mark.
  7. innocent's avatar
    This is "Hot, hot, hot!"
    Lotta heat OP, great find👏🔥 (edited)
    marius.jean's avatar
    Heaaaaaat 👺
  8. CheddarChar_'s avatar
    that's phenomenal price👌🏼. I paid £870 RTN a few months back on virgin and it was rubbish. Horrid food on a filthy old a330. For me TUI is number 2 behind BA
    Besford's avatar
    BA is far from great these days.
  9. Daveg1999's avatar
    And £60 for 20kg hold luggage isn't too bad.
  10. JonnyDixon1990's avatar
    This is the standard price with no luggage.
  11. Gadgetdeals's avatar
    Sunset from Zaccios Beach Bar in Holetown

    The Lonestar is right on the beach and the best tables are at the beach side as you see here, I have also attached a copy of the cocktail menu so you can build up a thirst

    52197586-rdDnb.jpg (edited)
  12. Opsec101's avatar
    Thanks OP(y) Booked and ready to go8) AirBnb booked @ £285 for the week also
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