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Direct Return Flights From London Gatwick To Las Vegas / Los Angeles From £276 (One Personal Cabin Bag) - Example dates in description

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Get direct return flights to either Las Vegas or Los Angeles with Norse Atlantic from just £276 return. Lots of dates available. Personal item included, cabin and checked luggage additional charge.

Example dates for Las Vegas:
29th Oct – 5th Nov
5th-12th Nov
10th-17th Nov
12th-19th Nov
14th-21st Nov
19th-26th Nov
21st-28th Nov
26th Nov – 3rd Dec
28th Nov – 5th Dec
3rd-10th Dec
14th-21st Jan
16th-23rd Jan
21st-28th Jan
28th Jan – 4th Feb
4th-11th Feb
11th-18th Feb
25th Feb – 4th Mar
27th Feb – 6th Mar
11th-18th Mar
13th-20th Mar
18th-25th Mar

Example dates for Los Angeles:
23rd-30th Sep
29th Sep – 6th Oct
4th-11th Oct
6th-13th Oct

Credit: Secret Flying

£276 price is direct with airline, some dates are £262 with OTA but HUKD says skyscanner is now a banned domain so it won't let me post those.
Norse Atlantic Airways More details at

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  1. TheDodger's avatar
    Very cheap. My flights to LA with virgin in september cost me £650 with luggage. Next time I'll pack lighter and do this
    TheEgyptianKing's avatar
    Pack lighter will be to a carrier bag size, if you have got luggage booked 1 small baf under the seat will not do you
  2. clownfish's avatar
    Are the LA flights all for this year?
    sm9690's avatar
    Yeah Sept & Oct mainly and some dates in June, returning in July, view the dates here - flynorse.com/en-…rue
  3. CarloRivera's avatar
    I'm looking at a Norse flight to NYC in October, but someone warned me they're not the most reliable. Anyone on here got personal experience of flying with them?
    rs_tigerblade's avatar
    Flew with them last year. Our flight got delayed by a day on the way back. But they gave 2 weeks notice so we just got a room for a night. Apparently they’re fussy with bags but went premium and they didn’t check anything at all.
  4. Umbanzochicken's avatar
    Came back from New York last week. Flew with Norse, no issues whatsoever. They use the Dreamliner which is a good aircraft and fly into JFK terminal 7 which is one of the closest to the airtrack service. Be aware if you buy food aboard its not cheap, being a cheapskate we took our own !

    Ps if you want to book premium seats, do it at the airport as they always offer a cheaper deal. (edited)
    CarloRivera's avatar
    Is it cheaper to pre-book the food, or do they offer deals for that too?
  5. roguess's avatar
    If you book with an OTA you may not have s75 cover via the credit card (and if youre not using a credit card, youre doing it wrong)

    Also, never give secret flying credit for anything. They just steal off other forums and pass it off as their own. (edited)
    Rudz's avatar
    thanks, what is an OTA?
  6. wpj's avatar
    They have great Premium economy seats. Unfortunately, £48 to reserve a standard one (or £79 for a front one) each way...
  7. mkkr's avatar
    This is a really good deal I hope people don't hesitate on this offer
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