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Posted 16 February 2024

Direct Return Flights Gatwick to Costa Rica - April Dates

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Nice price this from Gatwick. Flights are with TUI to Liberia

Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Though its capital, San Jose, is home to cultural institutions like the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Roughly a quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys and quetzal birds. ― Google'

Example Dates
  • 3rd - 24th April
  • 10th - 17th April
  • 10th - 24th April


Hope it helps someone
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  1. random__man's avatar
    Just got back yesterday. Fantastic deal for return flights but a warning that the prices in the country (car hire, food and drink, tours etc..) have gone up loads. Still an amazing place to visit and Feb/March is very hot
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    Probably still cheaper than here including flights & hotel
  2. Gadgetdeals's avatar
    Was there last year, flew BA/Iberia to San Jose then had a 4hr drive across the country to the hotel we were at which was the Westin Reserva Conchal, absolutely stunning hotel all inclusive with fantastic restaurants right on the beach with mountain views as well, highly recommended. The hotel is very near to the Liberia airport and we did say if we went again we would fly there but it's mostly US flights that go there, so if TUI are flying there then you are on the right side of the Island, although the cross country drive in the hotel Limo Vans was great as well with lots of things to see en route.

    (By the way we all flew business class over there, BA - Madrid and then Iberia Madrid - San Jose, I must say it was the BIGGEST WASTE OF OF MONEY EVER, I will NEVER fly business class with Iberia again, shocking, lousy food, dirty pods, lousy service, save your money for a good few cruises or other holidays!)

    Driving out there is not an issue, we rented a Landcruiser for a couple of weeks and drove all around the place, it was cheaper than tours, we did find however that 2 weeks in that hotel was a LOT, the food was so nice you ended up eating a lot just to experience it, most people only do 5 nights there from what we heard.

    Hotel we stayed at…0b0

    Here are some pics of the hotel and scenery, the locals had a way of gently guiding bulls off the road, lots of creatures around, with monkeys iguanas that fall asleep in trees and then fall into the pool, see if you can see the one in the tree by the pool, also racoon type creatures that steal from your bags left on chairs by the pool, so lock stuff up. I will put some images of the food in the next post, all beautifully presented with immaculate staff and clean.

    52220736-m17gK.jpg (edited)
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    Some great pictures!
  3. CheekyMunkey's avatar
    I went Costa Rica about 6 years ago. Nice place but tourism has hiked up prices. Really wish I had gone to Nicaragua as well. Heard its very similar but a lot cheaper. This was 6 years ago so not sure if it's changed now. These flights are a great price. Heat!
  4. stas2855's avatar
    Thank you! Booked! Rental cars are almost double the price of flight for 7 days. Looks like the local transport is only option for me.
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    Absolutely - Car hire is not far short of £100 a day and having a High clearence/SUV/4x4 is pretty essential for a lot of places in CR. Insurances they offer on the search engines etc.. are worth nothing there too as they will throw lots more hidden insurances at you on arrival
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    Weather wise (it is the dry season and not the rainy season)

    Best time to go to Costa RicaIt’s hard to pigeonhole Costa Rica’s weather as it varies greatly between regions. But generally speaking, there are two main seasons – a wet spell from August to November and a dry run from February to July. That said, the northern Pacific coast escapes much of the rainfall that other areas encounter so you’ll find it warm and sunny here for most of the year, with 11 hours of sunshine a day and average temperatures hovering around 26-33 degrees. Be sure to put on extra suncream between April and March when it gets really hot – thermometers can reach 28-35 degrees. To experience Costa Rica at its tropical best, consider going between August and January – that’s when it’s the most green.

  6. dan444's avatar
    Is anyone travelling this Wednesday 20 March?
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