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Direct Return Flights London Gatwick to Tel Aviv, Israel (Oct 2023/ Carry on Bags) - £98.98 ( Member Price) @ Wizz Air

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£116.98 standard price or member price is as above in title.

Found some bargain direct flights to Israel. Departing London Gatwick 26th October 2023. Return flight landing departing Tel Aviv 4th November and landing in Gatwick at 01:30am on 5th November 2023.

Both flights direct, carry on under seat bag only. I've just done this trip with Wizz and returned a few days ago. Everything went smoothly. Definitely a good price considering how much Virgin/BA etc charge. Tel Aviv is very expensive so I'd rather save on flights, more money for beers 🍻
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    Wizz Air according to ThisIsMoney have hundreds of court orders unpaid from EU261 claims. You pays your money, you takes your chances
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    If you don't like Ryanair you should define not use these ones. I am very pleased with RY, but I believe Wizzair should not exist. Last 5-6 bookings with them we had problems at least 75% of the time. And, unlike in the past, regardless the cheap prices, if you add luggage and seats, pretty much any airline will be cheaper. Wizz is only good if you travel light. Also, they often cancel flights. (edited)
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    This is the basic price with just a small carry on bag. The next price up , with a cabin bag, is an extras £250. That price makes you pay for hold baggage even if you don't want it. You forgot to add the £7.50 admin fee. I'm sure there are more fees during the process. (edited)
    I looked at other dates and even with just the basic bag, they charging £250 plus per person. Think I even saw one for over £300. Tbh, the basic bag is enough as I'll find somewhere to wash my clothes. Travel light
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    Worst airline ever. You will end up with a cancelled flight (most likely whilst already at the airport). They will not refund you for the canceled flight, not to mention reimbursement of expenses and compensation under EU 261 Reg.