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Direct Return Flights to Santander, Spain from Birmingham - March Departures - £19.98 Return (£9.99 One Way) @ Ryanair

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Nice price! Quite a few dates as well in Jan/Feb with £9.99 prices!

Example :

Full List of Dates in March:

Outbound - 27th Feb/6th/10th/13th/17th/27th

Return: 3rd/10th/13th/17th/24th/27th
Hope it helps someone
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    I knew they were closing branches but seriously! That’s a heck of a long way to go to pay in a cheque ..
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    San Sebastián is just along the coast and is stunning
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    I love Santander, a city break with beaches.
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    Love Santander. The people there are always rather helpful when I want to deposit a cheque or withdraw some cash. Can't wait to visit again
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    Excellent deal OP and the aerial shot is so inviting ✈️
    Thank you
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    Freezing there at the moment. Rain on the coast, but snow on hills.
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    It's quite literally the most expensive place in Spain.
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    Lovely place well worth visiting. Been there in late January 2020 before everything kicked off. Lovely weather even then and not too many tourists.
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    Is there much to do there
    I've never been, but according to google -

    Santander is an ideal holiday destination. The city is rich in cultural and historical heritage that await tourists to discover. The palaces in this city were among the favourites of the Spanish royalty back in the late 19th century. Today, they remain one of the most-visited attractions in Santander.

    There's a beach too, so probably could spend a few days there!
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    That picture looks nothing like Birmingham
    Just up the road from the Spaghetti junction mate
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    usually takes me 10 mins to drive into town and pop into Santander. Queues can be quite long as only 2 desks open
    Consider switching to Halifax, they are currently paying 175£ if you switch
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    Halifax is nice.
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    Very nice place. Also, handy for Bilbao.
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    Santillana del Mar is close by, and a pleasant place to spend a few hours. It is a bit touristy and not actually by the sea though