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Get a £75 amazon / M&S / B&Q giftcard when you take out a direct line life insurance policy (£6 per month / 3months premiums required so £18 cost if you cancel ) max 2 per household.
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
Get a £75 amazon / M&S / B&Q giftcard when you take out a direct line life insurance policy (£6 per month / 3months premiums required so £18 cost if you cancel ) max 2 per household.
so £150 in amazon vouchers if you sign up for life cover for you and the partner. Pay 3 months subscriptions (£18 per gift card) and in theory you could cancel the policy £75 g… Read more

Still waiting on any communication from Direct Line in relation to the voucher offer.. Been nearly 2 months now! Anyone else? In contrast, L&G offered a choice 3 weeks after the policy went live ready to pay out in 3 months time.


It is correct, I literally sell this insurance as my day job. Some companies ask you to declare if you've been refused, others ask if you've ever had a policy cancelled by an insurer. No longer paying and leaving it up to the insurer to cancel is, by definition, having a policy cancelled by an insurer. If you just stop the direct debit leading to a cancellation, you'll no longer be allowed installments on any Direct Line policy (or any sister companies such as Churchill or Privilege for example) for 5 years. Do it twice and you'll be blacklisted. Other companies may also refuse you if they ask the same question or may offer increased premiums instead. And missed payments also affect your credit rating. Why would anyone do this just to avoid having to phone up to cancel it properly?


Yes but if you miss payment eventually the policy will be cancelled with no value


I don't that's correct. My understanding is you need to declare if you have been refused insurance. Once DD has been cancelled they will normally send you a few letters. If don't receive any letter last letter will just say your policy has lapsed has not value. That's end of it. They are not refusing the policy. We are not continuing with the policy by not paying the monthly premuim.


I wonder which other group will be turned down? its a long form that needs to be filled up.

Direct Line drivers rewards
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
Direct Line drivers rewards
This is an app from Direct line, it has vouchers from amazon, Argos, boost etc. All you have to do is run it in the background while driving. It says it has an age restriction but … Read more

**** compNy


I'm with DL but never sure about these apps, yes we give you tips how to build your score but do thy store the bad points and do they count against your renewel cost. I have a Tomtom Curfur which does the same as this via a plugin on your managment socket on your car, I drove 225 miles and lost points in the multi storey car at the end.


what do you have to do? How long do you do it? How much for say £5 voucher?


Even though I'm with direct line, when trying to register it didn't recognise my details.

Direct Line administration fee now waived when switching vehicle!
Found 29th Jun 2015Found 29th Jun 2015
Just phoned to change my vehicle insurance over and was surprised to be informed Direct Line have now removed the administration fee for changing insurance to another vehicle. Thi… Read more

If ever you go on comparison sites and see Autonet at, or close, to the top of the list make sure you read the small print. May as well change their name to Auto-Surcharge


Axa insurance allow you to make any changes and get copy docs online without any fees. they also chuck in uninsured driver promise, a free courtesy car and loads of extras too


I find it funny when insurance companies can talk to you for days when they want your business (money) but once you have committed they charge you usually £50 for any tiny change. With Esure car insurance, I mistakenly put down 8 years no claims discount when I actually had 9 years. When they found out they slapped the "administration" charge on me even though I was putting myself at a loss and it didn't make any difference to the insurance premium anyway as they only take into account 5 years as a maximum level.


I recently changed car with Chaucer - they don't insure my new car (Nissan leaf, hardly unusual or high risk) but they still refused to refund the early termination fee :(


Might be something a lot of the insurers are starting to do. Recently changed from a Golf GTD to a Golf R and had to pay £8.74 extra for the remaining 6 months of my policy with Esure. Last time I changed cars with Esure, I was charged £25 admin fee.

FREE and 2 for 1 tickets for family days out – Let's Go with Direct Line
Found 16th Dec 2014Found 16th Dec 2014
FREE and 2 for 1 tickets for family days out – Let's Go with Direct Line
I'm sure other's have seen this, but I couldn't see it anywhere listed on HUKD. Free entry, and 2 for 1 entry, on family days out and activities around the UK for Direct Line cust… Read more
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Why is this expired? The link still works, and Direct Line still do the deal? :|


Link worked for me. Got 50s on the Christmas Memory Game too...


Thank you @barneybar Sorry, I don't know why the link isn't working properly.


'Get Deal' Link not working for me.

Unlimited 2 for 1 Cinema entry for 12 months with Car or Home Insurance @ Direct Line
Found 12th Mar 2013Found 12th Mar 2013
Unlimited 2 for 1 Cinema entry for 12 months with Car or Home Insurance @ Direct Line
BOGOF WHENEVER YOU GO TO THE CINEMA!!! NO NEED TO WAIT FOR ORANGE WEDNESDAYS ANY MORE!! Get a FREE Cinema Card giving you 2 for 1 entry at over 200 participating cinemas nationwid… Read more

Agreed but it looks as though that is the only way of buying the vouchers.


It's not a bargain unless their insurance is cheaper than the competition. Never trust an insurance company that doesn't talk about prices - and ask why they won't go on comparison web sites!


too much faffing about


As far as I know, that's only when "Customers buy their cinema ticket vouchers online at the campaign website"...

It looks as though there is a £1.60 booking fee per pair of tickets plus £1.50 p&p unless I am reading it wrong.

52 Days worth of free Car Insurance @ Directline
Found 9th Jan 2010Found 9th Jan 2010
52 Days worth of free Car Insurance @ Directline
Introductory discount Offer available from 04.01.10 to 31.03.10 Saw this advertised on TV :) You basically get one day out of 7 days free each week of the year. so 52 free days … Read more

are fortis good tho?


with fortis i had a quote £349 with direct line £964 with the discount what a con with a £650 excess


Years ago Direct Line were cheap, and the last claim I had was with them, back in about 1990 and then was problem free; but the competitive pricing & service went LONG ago :-( That said, I would sooner pay DOUBLE with Direct Line than be ripped off by Budget Insurance. They make a "Drama" out of NO crisis at all! I don't think I have ever had problems PAYING for insurance before, all hassles being created by them! I wonder what will their service be like when there is claim and you want money FROM them?


Wow, Direct Line sound like the UK's worst insurer!!


If that did not put anybody off, I do not know what would!! Thanks for the info even if Direct Line was cheaper, there is nothing worse than bad customer service and having to chase up everything yourself.

Direct line offering 8 weeks free car insurance when you take out a policy
Found 7th Dec 2009Found 7th Dec 2009
Direct line offering 8 weeks free car insurance when you take out a policy
Ok - only useful for some but a heads up to get a quote from direct line. Not always the cheapest but worked out cheapest for me this time
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Same price for me a year ago without 8 weeks discount and this year included.. Fake discount imo.


Either way - a discount is a discount!


I don't get it. Is there such a thing as free time? Aren't they just talking about a discount on the price on the policy - by any other name?


would that be the first eight weeks or last eight weeks of the policy :whistling:


eeeek - so cold!

Free £5 M&S voucher for getting a Direct Line home insurance quote
Found 17th Sep 2008Found 17th Sep 2008
Free £5 M&S voucher for getting a Direct Line home insurance quote
There's a way to get a free £5 Marks & Spencer gift voucher. To do it all you need to is call up or go online and get a quote for Direct Line home insurance before 30 November.… Read more
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Ooops - sorry but I searched under 'Direct Line' and it isn't there - for some reason it's been listed as an M&S deal The deal hasn't expired - someone's clicked the expired link because it's a duplicate post!!


has this really been expired. It's still on the MSE website


rang them asked about the £5 done the quote never had a thing back this was a few weeks ago


Hope it has saved the details as I just closed window after getting quote


Good Deal!! H&R added!!!!!!

Direct Line - £20 towards the cost of vaccinations.
Found 19th Oct 2007Found 19th Oct 2007
Direct Line - £20 towards the cost of vaccinations.
Direct Line will be giving all customers that insure their pets before 31st December 2007 up to £20 towards the cost of vaccinations.
15% off Home insurance + 50% off contents insurance
Found 3rd Jan 2007Found 3rd Jan 2007
15% off Home insurance + 50% off contents insurance
Home insurance 15% off. 15% online discount +50% off contents insurance when you buy both buildings and contents cover

Would Quidco (£75) cashback still apply here? Can't see why not. Personally, with the amount of cashback on offer, it may still be better to get buldings and contents with separate companies (a combination of Barclays and LloydsTSB would give you £245 cashback!!).