Dirt 3 (Xbox 360) (PS3) (Pre-order) - £30.85 Delivered (with code) @ The Hut

Dirt 3 (Xbox 360) (PS3) (Pre-order) - £30.85 Delivered (with code) @ The Hut

Found 8th May 2011
Best price going for Dirt 3 on preorder. Use code MAY2 for £2 off.


ordered for my little boy - thanks
Edited by: "scarletlady38" 8th May 2011

how are they for pre-order deliverys?? i would rather pay an extra couple of quid to play it a day early from shop-to

I've used them before. One came early but most of them turn up late. One was late by a week.

I always use Game. Amazon, Play and Zavvi always seem to deliver after release. Mortal Kombat came late from Amazon.

Great series of games - but they do seem to rapidly drop in price a little while after release
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