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Posted 15 May 2023

DiRT Rally 2.0 - 4 DLC Rally Location for free : Sweden, Germany, Wales & Finland PC @ Steam

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  1. joedb's avatar
    Nice find, anyone else getting this when trying to add to basket?

    Jonah13's avatar
    I got same message until I bought Dirt 2.0 base game. Once in my library the 4 were easy to add.
  2. bgmakut's avatar
    Thanks, noticed that the base game is also on sale now (£4.49 - 75% off)
  3. Bluediamond28's avatar
    Needs about 100gb of storage?
    rkl's avatar
    Yep, I have both DiRT Rally 1 and 2.0 and was shocked at the download size of the second game - I'm pretty sure it's more than twice the size of the first. It's so huge, it won't even fit on the internal storage of the cheapest Steam Deck! This game has a stupid amount of DLC - much of which you feel should have been included in the base game - so at least these freebies make up a bit for that.
  4. Jonah13's avatar
    Curse you OP, 4 free DLCs, now need Dirt 2.0, luckily on promotion at 75% Off @£4.49
    Thanks for posting OP.
    jewelie's avatar
    GOTY version isn't much more expensive either
  5. whatupdog's avatar
    Great for free
  6. londonstinks's avatar
    Is this still the best rally game out there? I have Dirt Rally 1 , is this sequel much better?
    iainl7's avatar
    Lot more places to race, lot more cars to race with, but the big different I found was that the game’s less laser-focussed on ensuring realism for people with wheels. That’s still good if you turn all the assists right off, but for the non-ninja player it’s a lot more welcoming. 
  7. Coleh's avatar
    Amazing stuff to get for free. Basically get the original Dirt Rally stages for free which arguably should've been that way from day one but at least most people can finally get everything in one go
  8. evilzippy's avatar
    Anyone been able to claim it with the steam Android app? I'm getting an error msg
    rrr99gp's avatar
    You need to have the base game.
  9. cookied's avatar
    Just got these & the base game .. VR supposed to be really good ..
    iainl7's avatar
    Can confirm, the VR works very well. Sometimes a little too well, when I mess up a corner at speed, clip the apex and barrel roll it over and over. 
  10. darkstryder360's avatar
    Anyone have a Fanatec / Direct Drive wheel and play this game? Heard it doesnt have any compatability
  11. kevinc6784's avatar
    Thank you.
  12. xstrio's avatar
    from what i remember this game is hard and not much fun, they should remake vrally
  13. oscarangelbaro's avatar
    Good times with the original franchise, when they were the best racing games ever, Colin Mcrae. Shame Dirt 2 cannot be purchased anymore 50197928-LKBze.jpg
  14. chimpee's avatar
    thx, finally completes my dirt collection.

    not finished any yet mind. Still trying to complete CMR 2005! (edited)
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