Dirty Harry (5 disc BoxSet - RRP £45) - only £19.61 delivered!

Dirty Harry (5 disc BoxSet - RRP £45) - only £19.61 delivered!

Found 20th Aug 2006
Go ahead Punk buy this and make your day!!! Great price on this Clint Eastwood Collection as well - £19.61 delivered from Tesco, while the cheapest elsewhere is about £24! This is a great collection - including Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool.

Details: "Dirty" Harry Callahan was one of the first screen characters to embody contemporary fears about crime--and the uncompromising response to it that much of the audience would liked to have seen. Clint Eastwood's laconic rogue cop became an instant screen icon; his catchphrases ("Do you feel lucky?", "Make my day") were and still are endlessly quoted, and he even inspired a futuristic comic-strip counterpart in the person of Judge Dredd. Made at the time when the real "Zodiac" serial killer was terrorising San Francisco, the original Dirty Harry struck a frighteningly realistic note in 1971: aside from Eastwood, director Don Siegel's taught, pacey direction, Lalo Schifrin's nervy jazz score and Andrew Robinson's cackling psycopath "Scorpio" all make a strong impact. Such was the film's success that it gave rise to no less than four sequels, none of which are its equal but all of which get by on the charisma of Eastwood's anti-hero, even when he's increasingly trapped by the character's one-dimensional persona.

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Or alternatively, the "Dirty Harry" movie itself is only £2.99 delivered from [COLOR=blue]HMV[/COLOR]


Not as cheap as the the 2 other Clint collections,but where the others are all different types of the mans movies,this is a difinitive collection of perhaps his greatest character.Another good find emma.:thumbsup:

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Yeah, as you say bazr, not as cheap as the ones in the other thread:


but a good price for a completely different set of films. I like the bit above about how some of the catchphrases from these movies are still endlessly quoted: "Do you feel lucky?", "Make my day"...
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