Dirty Pretty Things:  Waterloo To Anywhere [Limited Edition CD+DVD] - £3.97 @ TescoEnt (Free Delivery)

Dirty Pretty Things: Waterloo To Anywhere [Limited Edition CD+DVD] - £3.97 @ TescoEnt (Free Delivery)

Found 13th Apr 2010
Dirty Pretty Things: Waterloo To Anywhere [Limited Edition CD+DVD] only £3.97 at TescoEnt. This is the Limited edition that comes with a bonus DVD! - so for £3.97 is pretty hot.

BTW, the standard edition alone usually retails at £5+


His former Libertines bandmate may grab all the headlines, but Carl Barat's Dirty Pretty Things seem to have grabbed all of the tunes on Waterloo To Anywhere. Like The Jam, The Clash and even The Kinks, the Dirty Pretty Things have an innate ability to take their basic guitar-bass-drums setup and make them sound unmistakeably English. Of course, frontman Barat's laconic London accent helps, but it's more than that. The music, with it's mixture of punk rock and ska, owes a large debt to the aforementioned Clash--and, like them, the Dirty Pretty Things also know how to write a catchy tune, as anyone who's heard the single "Bang Bang You're Dead" will attest. Moreover, the lyrics are as reflective of contemporary Britain as anything by The Streets (particularly "You F*cking Love It"). Best of all, like the best punk albums, Waterloo to Anywhere is short, sharp and possessed of a tangible urgency--the album's 12 songs clock in at just about 36 minutes. Considering the shambles that Barat's former colleague Pete Doherty has become, it's particularly encouraging to hear something as good as Dirty Pretty Things rise from the ashes of the Libertines


A limited edition version of the CD included a DVD directed by Goatie Lewis with five live tracks from their concert at Macadam Building, King's College London, on March 8, 2006.

Disc 1

1. Deadwood
2. Doctors & Dealers
3. Bang Bang You're Dead
4. Blood Thirsty ****
5. The Gentry Cove
6. Gin & Milk
7. The Enemy
8. If You Love A Woman
9. You ****ing Love It
10. Wondering
11. Last Of The Small Town Playboys
12. B.U.R.M.A.

Disc 2

1. The Enemy (DVD)
2. Blood Thirsty **** (DVD)
3. The Gentry Cove (DVD)
4. Bang Bang You're Dead (DVD)
5. Last Of The Small Town Play Boys (DVD)

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