Disarrono at Co-op in store for £12 but Checkoutsmart offering £3.50 cashback

Disarrono at Co-op in store for £12 but Checkoutsmart offering £3.50 cashback

LocalFound 18th Dec 2017
Checkoutsmart offering £3.50 on purchase Disaronno 500ml at Co-op ending today so be quick.
Works out at £8.50 after cashback and mine was just rewarded
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Believe it should be £12 nationwide in store but I found it in the Chinnor store so it should be that price in the Midcounties area at the very least.
Did this last time it was on, got 10% student discount aswell and 10% back from card issuer (lloyds) so may be worth a look on there
It says offer expired on Checkoutsmart site.
Strange, I bought my bottle about an hour ago and put the receipt in straight away. It was showing the offer expires in 1 day. Hopefully others have still got the offer showing and can use it. I used the app so maybe the website is different.
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Saying one day here
that usually means expires tomorrow
but the offer has been on the app for months might give it a try at this price
Already posted
£10 in asda... Just saying.
£10 in morrisons
Is this an eau de toilette or whisky? Actually scrap that, does it have enough alcohol for a saturday night?
No co-op or one-stop near me - lots of good checkoutsmart freebies there which I miss out on
£10 in Sainsburys - in a cool bottle 😊
Tip: Sometimes on the LAST DAY of offer, CheckoutSmart take offers OFF the Offers list but they are STILL available to claim.

This is particularly true with offers that sound "too good to be true" where claims/redemptions are running higher than CoS expected and so they pull the deal early, and stop advertising it as available on the offers list, though playing fair they still accept claims for purchases on that last day as claimants MAY have seen it advertised as available earlier that day.

So before buying anything always best to start a claim and see if it's there available to claim which 19/12 it is at CoOp (and NOT at Sainsbury's).
Wed 20 Dec and the £3.50 back on 500ml is running for another 2 days ie to Fri 22 Dec in my CheckoutSmart App @ CoOp and others.
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