Disco cube, was £75.00, now £22.50!!!

Disco cube, was £75.00, now £22.50!!!

Found 30th Dec 2006Made hot 30th Dec 2006
Ipod Disco cube, plays all your ipod music.



Welcome to HUKD neil_tilley!

Like it Thanks for your first post and Welcome to HotUKDeals ;-)

WOW, this is so cool.
Nice find and welcome

Lights to the rhythm of your music.
Item No.: 1060103388
Synchronises and charges your ipod whilst docked

Saw this posted in money saving expert, i too think its looks cool, and have ordered this morning.

Wonder if the 10% voucher code will work for this as well (PZPP)



Yep I can get it for £20.25 delivered not sure I need one tho lol


Anybody know about the speaker quality and whether it can take an ipod mini?

TWo 2W side speakers and 3W Sub I believe

supports 3-5G ipod and ipod nano


Its £37.50 when I look at the link!

yaay, just ordered one for £20.25 for my daughters birthday !

Its £37.50 when I look at the link!

Only £22.50 here... ;-)

what is the speaker quality like as 2watts is not very loud is it.

Link Shows £37.50 but it goes down to £22.50 when you put it in your basket.

Bought one of these for my youngest son for Christmas. Paid £60 in one of their many pre-Christmas sale events and can confirm that it is much much better quality than I expected it to be. It is perfect for a childs bedroom and does take an Ipod nano (thats all my son has). At this price it is a steal.

Just for other people ordering this the 10% discount code works and saves you the £2.25 and the free postage code also works.

Please bear in mind this might result in your order being cancelled as using multiple vouchers.

Final price for me with deliver was £20.25 Bargain!! Let's hope it is processed

There site does tell you your able to use multiple vouchers, by playing a commar between codes. So cant see anyone having a problem less they pick up your not a cardholder lol


This is fab! Good find and welcome to hukd's neil_tilley

Damn was not quick enough and they are now out of stock... boo hoo it looks really cool tho... thanks anyway!


Thanks for the update Crosbee and welcome to hukd's I'll click expired now ..

Seems to be back in stock. Just ordered one with the 10% off coupon.


Seems to be back in stock. Just ordered one with the 10% off coupon.

Thanks Clicked "Not expired".


Does it take an iPod Mini?

think it does seems to take everything else including nanos

Just had an email from Debenhams that my order has been cancelled. Reason
unable to process the order.

Hi Tailo, when did you order yours?

I ordered mine on the 31st.

Had mine cancelled but picked one up from instore, not bad for the price.

I have an ipod mini and out of all the sleeves it has i.e. 20g ipod, 40g ipod, nano, it does not have a ipod mini, which I find strange but you can use the ipod photo 20g which just means it has space around the sides and top but fits in to the connector perfectly.

I ordered mine on the 30th and have had the confirmation email, but nothing since then, so i called them and they said they are still preparing the order and only 1 thing from my order has been cancelled, although i have received no email to say that.
Service is quite bad really as confirmation email says i should receive the goods within 5 days, i expect it means 5 working days, but i have had nothing!

been trying to order one of these for past couple of days and every time it says not available so guessing they don't have any more of these funky little things.....really wanted one.....boo hoo :-(

Anyone received theirs yet?

I ordered one never heard anything since :x Emailed them and they said they will reply to the email within 5 days, pretty poor really considering i've got an order number and a conformation :x Don't think i would be in a rush to use Debenhams again, to be honest :-( :-(

I received mine yesterday. It took 2 weeks to come but its worth the wait.

Just sent them a really pooey email, got a despatch confirmation off them on the 13/01/07 and the on 14/01/07 got another email saying that the item wasn't in stock when i ordered and the money will be payed back into my account (go figure) still not received the Ixos Disco Cube. Arse from Elbow springs to mind :x :x :x :x
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