Discount on all current Morphy Richards products

Discount on all current Morphy Richards products

Found 20th Aug 2015
I purchased a Morphy Richards soup maker, which was faulty and whilst on the phone to customer support they told me that they are able to sell items direct at a discount. I asked for the price of the soup maker 48822 and their direct price is £40. Interesting I thought, thats what I paid and it was on sale.

So I was looking at their super vac's after seeing one, so rang up to test. I wanted the 732000 currently on Amazon for £79.99 I was told that this was out of date model and the new 732005 is the latest. Currently £99.99 on Amazon. RRP of £199.…I6O
Their price was £79.99 this also includes delivery.

This is the cheapest price for this model at the moment.

I think we should challenge this company and post back prices, so if you are looking for an Morphy Richards item call them on 01709582402 ask for Support (thanks saynoto0870) and post back findings. I'm sure not everything will be cheaper but I have a feeling we can save a few pounds
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Super Vac 732005 - £79.99 : Amazon £99…I6O
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I just spoke to an awesome agent at Morphy-Richards, who first asked where I heard about buying direct from them. I said a store told me to call cause the product I wanted was discontinued. She said there are other offers and pointed out:…tml - £169.99 for £79.99
or…tml - £69.99 for £29.99

Hott find, heat added!
Great, they did tell me I could let people know, maybe not post on here

Both your links are the same @Tennant2

Also if you have a play around on the main site [this goes back to our thread a couple of years back for a MR kettle!] you will also be able to call and get them to price match on their own discounts!

For some reason there is an *affiliate* in between the buy & buy direct with discount links.. assume so they can track their own internal marketing sales..

eg: ordered one of these last week.. have a play.. gets even cheaper ;-)

If can figure it out in simple math, will post it as a deal maybe!!!

Thanks op, good to know.
Phoned today for a price on a soup maker, same as Amazon
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