Discount Stena ferry (Ireland)
Discount Stena ferry (Ireland)

Discount Stena ferry (Ireland)

I've posted this as a deal to get maximum exposure, as the last time I posted a similar link, the page was moved when it started getting hits.

I've given a few people the link via PM so I thought I'd risk the main site now.

I haven't compared the prices this time, but the Special Event fares usually work out 30-40% cheaper than the mainstream site.

It doesn't matter which 'Special Event' you're attending, you won't get asked ;-)

Fill your boots before they close it again.


its asking for a special code...I guessed at "Special Event" and it didnt work...lol

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don't put an offer code in, just click "update price" et viola

it's taking you to a page where it asks you for your name and event number - tried putting in various numbers but it keeps saying incorrect - any suggestions, thanks

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My word, they were quick off the mark this time - Expired, sorry, they changed it again.

Looks like they are watching HUKD very closely
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