Discount supplement,  High 5 Race Faster Pack Cycle/MTB/Triathlon £4.49

Discount supplement, High 5 Race Faster Pack Cycle/MTB/Triathlon £4.49

Found 28th Nov 2011
High 5 Race Faster Pack Cycle/MTB/Triathlon

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The High 5 Race Faster Pack Cycle/MTB /Triathlon is all you need to meet your pre-workout, energy, endurance and recovery requirements. With four of High 5's most popular products you will be sure that you are giving your body the nutrients, electrolytes, protein and carbs it needs to perform at its very best. High 5 Race Faster Pack Cycle/MTB /Triathlon has been put together specifically to meet the needs of endurance athletes.

The High 5 Race Faster Pack Cycle/MTB /Triathlon contains the following:

- 2 x Isogel: Isogel is a new type of energy gel that doesn’t need to be taken with additional water. Just tear off the end and drink it neat. The clever part about ISOGEL is that it actually tastes and feels like a normal sport drink but still delivers 24 grams of carbohydrate per 60ml palm-sized sachet. It’s not slimy, it’s not like runny jelly and it tastes fantastic even in the later stages of racing or training.

- 4 x EnergyGel: EnergyGel is a high carbohydrate, ultra concentrated 4th generation gel with delicious, light, natural fruit flavours. Each 38gram sachet contains 23 grams of carbohydrate to provide you with instant energy. Easy to open, easy to swallow and easy to digest: EnergyGel is Race proven in the World’s toughest competitions providing fast fuel to endurance athletes everywhere.

- 3 x Energysource sachets: High carbohydrate drink mix for sustained energy EnergySource is a concentrated complex carbohydrate (glucose polymer) drink mix, designed to provide maximum sustained energy. It contains all the essential electrolytes and with a low Osmolality, it is rapidly absorbed. Highly stable in the stomach and with a range of light refreshing flavours; EnergySource is suitable for athletes at elite and recreational levels, whose training period will run over 60 minutes.

- 1 x 4:1 EnergySource sachet: EnergySource 4:1 is an advanced energy and recovery drink for use during and after exercise. It contains 4 parts carbohydrate to 1 part whey protein Isolate.

- 1 x X’treme sachet: Within 15 minutes of consuming this great tasting Energy drink you will be ready to take your performance to new levels. Energy Source X'treme uses a blend of High5's award winning Complex Carbohydrates and the most potent stimulant formulation available to competitive athletes. Coupled with our unique Hi Electrolyte Anti Cramp formula Energy Source X'treme will give you the energy boost and improved mental performance to provide you with the focus you need to compete at the highest level.
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