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Discounted Complete Skateboards From £48.94 - £64.99 Delivered (UK Mainland) - Includes Antihero / Chocolate / Plan B & Others - @ Route One

Posted 30th Apr 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Update 1
Unexpired as prices still currently the same, even after the sale end date
This is a bank holiday weekend sale that's started this morning.
I figured that after my last skateboard post, that these might be something people are on the lookout for (Myself included)

There's a few brands / sizes included as you can see in the image below

The cheapest option is the Route One branded set-ups, that work out at £48.94 including delivery. The more expensive brands are at £64.95, which get free delivery as they're over £60. Some of the decks on the options go for over £55 on their own (The Chocolate Anderson deck), so a tenner more than that for a whole set up is great.

Completes are usually aimed at beginners or those graduating from a super budget board. You know... the £30 completes you can pick up in supermarkets and such. The difference would be pretty big, as these are properly shaped with a concave and made to be much stronger.

I'm 34 and picked up a Blueprint complete after 15 years of down time and it's been mega fun so far. I can still remember all the foot positions and stuff

Anyway, you'll see there are a few different width and lengths in there, so have a peep if you're after a new board.

This kind of only applies to the Jart board in this list, but still...
Delivery is £3.99 although if you are looking at any that are just below the £60 free delivery threshold then adding this Sushi Axle Speed Washer would take it over £60 and save you a couple of quid on delivery - Total £60.10

Refund Policy

Delivery is £3.99 / Free over £60

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