Discounted Ferry Crossings
Discounted Ferry Crossings

Discounted Ferry Crossings

Quite random this. I went to book a ferry crossing from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire, and checked in on hotukdeals for offers, codes etc.. Instead found this link in the discussion forum (Kudos to Stainy (hotukdeals.com/for…php?u=11945) who posted it (hotukdeals.com/for…php?t=41705&highlight=stena))

Example saving is that I just tried to book a late december return ticket on their main site and got a price of £288. I booked it through this and it came up as 306 (That's £209 or so at the moment). Quite some savings.

Sorry, yes, that's 306, Euros
- Kallisti

In my defence, it seems the Euro symbol is stripped from the posts
- Kallisti


Nice savings kall, thanks for posting it as a deal so more people get the chance to make use of it :-D

Thanks just about to book with Stena.


Nice one, thanks for the tip Kallisti

Bah, really should have done this myself :whistling:

Nice one :thumbsup:

i take it we're talking 306 EUROS .. otherwise the sentance dos'nt make sense.

Have used this once before, forgot about it and was frantically searchin for cheap ferry as im off home to eire for weekend... still works!! Saved £60 plus!! Result!!
Heat n Rep added... thanks again.!!
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