Discovery Channel Big Cats: 3xDVD £3.99 @ HMV (next cheapest £12)

Discovery Channel Big Cats: 3xDVD £3.99 @ HMV (next cheapest £12)

Found 31st Jan 2011
Into the Lion’s Den: Zoologist Dave Salmoni is pioneering a new research project that has never been attempted before, removing the barrier between man and beast by walking in on a pride of lions to observe, learn the language, and gain social acceptance. “Into the Lion’s Den” brings viewers to the edge of human animal interaction. Amba The Russian Tiger: Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan heads to Eastern Russia on his most challenging trip to date, as he goes in search of the Russian tiger. The beautiful and unknown area of Ussuriland is his destination, which has the largest unbroken area of forest with the single largest population of tigers anywhere in the world. White Lions: King of Kings: The lion is the symbol of power, royalty, magic and mysticism. In an effort to help ensure the survival of the species, two sets of white lions are taken from their home in South Africa to their new home at Mogo Zoo in Australia.

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