Disgaea 5 Complete (Switch) £33.95 @ Thegamecollection

Disgaea 5 Complete (Switch) £33.95 @ Thegamecollection

Found 18th Sep 2017
Unless I'm mistaken seems to be the best price yet. Edging closer to that £30 mark.
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Cracking game, just be warned that some copies of the game crash like mad to the point it's unplayable. I know because I was an unfortunate victim of a defective copy. I bought a new copy and it's worked fine ever since, pretty sure it was never patched either.
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I don't think that was a defective copy. The game is just very unstable. Even the demo crashed for me. It's a real mess.

I had the same issues with Disgaea 4 on Vita. Frequent crashes, which had the potential to cost you hours of progress if it came towards the end of a run in the item world. I love Disgaea and NIS' other strategy games, but I've since stopped buying them. They should really implement an auto-save feature if they can't make their games stable.
played this for 115 hours now, never had it crash while playing but do have to but the card in a few times before it works for whatever reason
Nice price..

I think turn base strategy games will have a very bright future on Switch.. Disgaea 5 is superb and Mario + Rabbids is fantastic too. Can't wait for the Fire Emblem game next year.
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