Disgo 6000 £149.99 @ Amazon

Disgo 6000 £149.99 @ Amazon

Found 28th Nov 2010
he Disgo Tablet 6000 is an affordable 7” Android device with full 1080p HD support and a HDMI port.

This lightweight, compact tablet has a bright high resolution display for watching movies and reading eBooks, and thanks to its fast 1GHz processor, graphics accelerator and 2GB internal memory, you can multitask on the move.

Giving you the features you need for less, the disgo Tablet 6000 provides one-touch access to Android SlideMe Market and lots of pre-installed applications, including You Tube, an eBook reader, a HD capable media player and the brilliant Skyfire web browser.


We have these where we work - trust me, they are not very good. The screen has to be pressed really hard, it has a stylus to make this easier, but it is slow, and terribly sluggish - it doesn't have Android Market place either...
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