Disgo 6000 7" Android 2.1 Tablet - £89.99 @ Play
Disgo 6000 7" Android 2.1 Tablet - £89.99 @ Play

Disgo 6000 7" Android 2.1 Tablet - £89.99 @ Play

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Just found this deal on play.com, it was £99.99 when I clicked it, was reading buyer reviews, clicked to the second page and the price refreshed to £89.99, needless to say I bought it

Not the most advanced tablet on the earth, but if you just need stuff like email, facebook, basic internet (no flash on this) etc then it's a cracking price for a competent little device.

Does not come with Android Market installed but has a substitute app store (SlideMe). Market apps can be installed by downloading the .apk files from the net and installing manually, or for the more adventurous there is a hack to add Market to it - http://****/foUr2V


Cancel your order. 3G dongles don't work with old Android devices. 2.1 supports some, 2.2 supports more, at least that is the case for the SmartQ.

Supports playback of 1080p files (on it's low res screen), but has no HDMI output, and doesn't support the ever popular MKV container.
It's almost useful...

But at the end of the day, it's just another crappy 7" tablet with a resistive screen.
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but has no HDMI output ...resistive screen.

Actually it does have hdmi. Resistive screen ruins it.

At the end of the day I'm sure you can root it to put whatever Android OS you wish on there. Lack of multi-touch but for a cheap tablet it's not too bad. The galaxys are still going for £250 - £300 which 2.5 to 3 times more expensive than this.

I think we need to start looking a little harder at these cheap resistive tablets, rather than just dismissing them because they don't perform like a £400 ipad. It's a £90 device and can have some interesting applications.

The screen is 800 x 480 which is very similar to the 800x600 run away success kindle. And that's a 6" device. So as a book reader it's got a lot going for it. You don't have a battery loving e-ink display or a multi touch wonder like the very expensive pads but it as at least touch screen, an improvement over many ebook readers.

There's a 1ghz processor in there and it has HDMI, 2 usb ports and can take up to a 32Gb memory card. With pretty good WIFI it makes for an interesting device with some specialist uses. Purely as a way to pump media to a big TV it's quite interesting. As a reader it's also interesting, as long as its just books you want to read and you don't mind charging it at night.

I don't know how easy it is to root and upgrade to a latest vanilla android, or even if that's possible (couldn't be bothered googling any more) but there's a lot of potential for certain apps/games that don't rely on speed or accuracy. Chess, turn based games, strategy games, picture viewer, tv/movie player, clock/weather station.

It launched at £180 I believe and at £90 it's interesting but not a must have by any stretch of the imagination. If we see these fall even more in price, the ability to use them purely for one off specialist uses will really make them attractive.


Actually it does have hdmi. Resistive screen ruins it.

So it does, didn't see it there tucked away just under the other I/O's.

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