Disgo Net Browser 3000 /64mb /2gb /7" /Windows Ce £99.99 @ HMV
Disgo Net Browser 3000 /64mb /2gb /7" /Windows Ce £99.99 @ HMV

Disgo Net Browser 3000 /64mb /2gb /7" /Windows Ce £99.99 @ HMV

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Jul 2009

The disgo Net Browser 3000 - portable, surfable, enviable!

SURF - Browse on the move. Check out the most viewed videos on YouTube or find out what your faraway friends are up to on Facebook. With a host of other websites available, you will always be in touch with the Net Browser 3000.
EMAIL - Send and receive email from a host of providers and use 'Inbox' to re-route your POP3 email account direct to the Net Browser.
MESSENGER - MSN messenger means you are never more than an Instant Message away from your friends and family.
PLAY AND WORK - And it's not all play on the disgo Net Browser 3000! With Microsoft Word Pad and Spread Excel, you can create, edit and save your Documents and Spreadsheets. The Net Browser also allows you to view Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files as well as PDF files. Microsoft Image viewer is also available.
DICTAPHONE - With the help of a microphone, you can use the Net Browser as a Dictaphone in College or for personal use.
PICTURE - The 7" LCD screen is clear and crisp, perfect for viewing websites and your favourite videos or movies.
SOUND - The unit also boasts headphone jack for listening to your favourite tunes and movies in private. Alternatively, let your friends watch and listen with the units built-in speakers.
STORAGE - The Net Browser has 2GB of onboard memory. This can be upgraded by inserting an SD card or a USB memory storage device. The Maximum capacity for the SD card is 8GB. All current USB Memory Stick capacities are supported. Not suitable for third party software downloads.
BATTERY - With a battery life of 4hours on a single charge, the disgo Net Browser 3000 will keep you online and in touch when and where you need.
START UP/SHUT DOWN - The disgo Net Browser 3000 has super-fast start up and shut down speeds. Be online within seconds of powering on.
DESIGN - The disgo Net Browser 3000 certainly has you looking the part. Straight-line design and brushed-steel finish gives the Net Browser a fashionable look and feel. Its light-weight structure also allows for ultimate portability.


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Im still unsure how to post a picture, if any one can tell me then Il know for next time!!

Customer Notice: - Please note: The Net Browser cannot be used for Online Gaming or otherwise. The Net Browser will not be able to display Flash-based websites. Not suitable for corporate email access. For use with Broadband via LAN connection or via Wi-Fi at home or other compatible hot-spots. Attention! Not suitable for use with Broadband Dongle

The specifications on these are TERRIBLE. It's worth saving a little more and buying a proper netbook.

How can it view YouTube without Flash...?

Tried this out in HMV, so slooooooooooow, and it crashed whilst trying to load a web page.

Not sure how old/new these are, but a suppose with time people will be able to hack them and install their own OS +programs. However the spec are rubbish and like others have said better to save up a bit more a get a lot better netbook

64MB RAM?? Don't make me laugh.. There more offered in Vtech products.

lmao, its more likely that a phone could play the latest games (cod6 etc) on highest settings than this thing, its got worse specs than pretty much all decent phones released in the past few years
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