Dishonored, 75% off, £1.99 @ Steam

Dishonored, 75% off, £1.99 @ Steam

Found 22nd Jun 2017
A historic low price for this Steam Sale game, rated Overwhelmingly Positive from 22,978 reviews.
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£7.49 With the dlc =/ Oh well. I'll wait longer. Thanks and heat added.
quackstar8442 m ago

£7.49 With the dlc =/ Oh well. I'll wait longer. Thanks and heat added.

That's pretty disappointing considering the discount on the base game. It's currently £6.99 at CDkeys before the discount if that's any closer to your biting point.
Brilliant game, I would buy it for £30 if I had to.
Ah muthafocker! I paid 2.43 on sat for this! :-) hot!
I remember last year I think it was when there was a glitch the minute the steam sales went live and you could buy the definitive edition for like £2.75, my friend got it but it changed back to the price it was meant to be just before I clicked buy, sad times.
Oh, i like to play game with my boyfriend. Willing to try for the price! Thanks.
Great price, just pity the definitive edition is so much more. Dunno whether to buy the base game now and hope for bigger discounts on the DLC in a later sale or wait for the definitive to drop further? Or even just ignore the DLC altogether if it doesn't add that much?
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