Dishonored (PS3 & 360) £15 Delivered @ Tesco Direct

Dishonored (PS3 & 360) £15 Delivered @ Tesco Direct

Found 2nd Jul 2013
Gets good reviews been waiting for it to hit this price and i've not seen it this low yet so gonna have a punt.

Product Details

Science fiction, fantasy and horror blend together in this rich stealth-action. From the same developers who made Deus Ex and Arx Fatalis, Dishonored is a stunning steampunk-inspired, first-person shooter challenge that blends conspiracy with an all-out fighting warrior. The hero is Corvo Atano, who sets out on a mission of vengeance when he’s framed for murdering the Empress of the fishing city of Dunwall. Master swordsman, assassin and sorcerer, Corvo uses cunning and skill to uncover a web of lies. Players can choose lethal and non-lethal options of resolution – even in boss encounters – and rest assured that Atano is fully equipped for the job.
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Loved this game. And the DLC is on DOTW on Xbox next week.. Although I hated the trials one, but looking forward to the new one when its on sale next week
Great game but far far too short. Heat added as £15 is probably fair for the length of it.
this is a top game, totally worth £15. if you like fps games and/or deus ex rpg type games you will love this.
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