Dishonoured 2 - £20, CIV 6 - £35 [PC DVD] @ GAME

Dishonoured 2 - £20, CIV 6 - £35 [PC DVD] @ GAME

Found 28th Dec 2016
Saw this today and had to get it at this price, it's the best price I have seen for physical copies of both games and of I didn't already own CIV 6 I would have picked it up too.

I have seen key selling sites posting for marginally less but I'm sure anyone with slow internet will appreciate the physical copies and no risk of losing your game due to fradulant original purchasing (has happened to me with farcry 4 from g2a).

Didn't spot anything else on discount that isn't always discounted (planatery annihilation for instance).
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I'm sure anyone with slow internet will appreciate the physical copies

Not if they buy Civ 6 they won't. The physical disc only contains a Steam code, not the install files, so you'll still have a long download ahead.

Good price though.
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Civilization 6 is only £31ish at cdkeys
dishonored 2 is much the same, it contains the amount of data on a dvd 4.7gb? Then the rest is download. So it only takes a chunk out of the download.
Didn't even bother with the disk, just used the code

Funny how they only discount 19.99 tho and not 20.
Yeah most games nowadays still require a download, unless if they have like 10 DVDs in there. Not sure what the point of physical PC games is anymore aside from looking pretty on your shelf. Still, good price for dishonored 2.
Dishonoured 2 goty imo
I'm sure it's a good game, shame I can't play it! Frame rate is way to bouncy and doesn't feel smooth last time I ever preorder a game!
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