Found 4th Jun 2009
A free and user-friendly file recovery program that's suitable for rescuing files which have accidentally been deleted (or even files deleted on purpose). DiskDigger functions on your local computer, but can also recover lost files on removable media such as USB flash drives, or even SD cards!


Thanks very much :thumbsup:

i would use recurver instead.
by the same people who make Revo uninstall. its absolutly brilliant.


i would use recurver instead.

Got a link? Can't seem to find this...

But yeah had a dig around with this, no so good for images (literally 10's of thousands of website images, not very exciting), but came up with loads of old word and pdfs, not all full documents but looks like a great program if you ever accidentally delete anything important, or just for fun
Also, no installer, just a wee exe, and very easy to use (just make sure you click full scan, not the quick one)
thanks, heat + repped

heat added

recuva, made by the same people as Ccleaner, piriform

The best free image prog I used was zero assumption, but the new versions are no longer free I think

Great thanks
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