Disney Animator dolls now £15 @ Disney Store

Disney Animator dolls now £15 @ Disney Store

Found 18th Oct 2012
As title, now on offer. Use with £2 Frankenweenie shopper for free delivery!

I'm deciding which one to order for my little one!

don't forget Quidco/TCB
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I THINK if you're signed up to disney movie rewards you get free delivery at the moment anyway, not certain though as I only saw it in passing yesterday
Ah thanks for that! I was just about to pay when I saw this and grabbed my free code - saved £2 but all counts.
You get 3 free delivery codes to use before 20th Dec I think - which is probably when their sale will start.
Just a tip. Don't order Aurora....the hair goes horrible straight away (I got my little girl one last year)...Belle's hair stays nice. Perhaps it's a blonde thing, she damaged it through colouring...
I've stuck to the brunettes, I just ordered Snow White and Belle - I thought Aurora had funny looking eyes!
Thanks for the tip!
I've got Mulan, she's gorgeous! Might need to add Rapunzel and Merida at this price though, and Pocahontas if she's back in stock x
Just ordered 3 dolls and some other bits ordered over 60 quid used the MVCSAVE20 for 20% off.

Totally agree with grumpyat3 daughter had aurora and the hair went knotted straight away.
Ordered Belle an Rapunzel for my little uns Christmas. £30 delivered is a great price. Free delivery codes on DMR...
Good deal although I bought my daughter Snow White last year and she wasn't interested. So not for me but definently voted hot.
Thanks so much for this i ordered quite a few dolls the other day, after ringing disney they quite happily discounted my dolls to £15 and then took my 20% discount off £12 each with discount is a bargain. So thanks very much for listing saved me quite a bit of money
I have aurora and she's one of my favourites it has got lovely waves the hairs stayed fine on mine
I have aurora and she's one of my favourites it has got lovely waves the hairs stayed fine on mine
I'm tempted to buy one for my niece but I can't choose!!!
Brilliant! Was going to wait to buy these but with £5 off each doll and a 20% code I found I'm getting £75 worth of stuff for £52! Pretty good price! good going OP. Very Hot from me!
Thanks, ordered 4 dolls for £12 each plus 4.04% TCB.
£1.93 tracked @TCB
Got all 11 for £132 plus £5.30 TCB. For me this is pretty much deal of the year... even if I stumbled across it in store as opposed to using this site. Wanted every one of these dolls from the moment I laid eyes on them HOT!
hey there ive just recieved by delivery of a order worth £90 how did you get the 20 % off code sarahandjonesy please and is it still vaild im a little mad at myself could of saved £18 id be grateful for any advice ?
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