Disney cars lightning McQueen Nania Befix SP LX car seat £20 instore @ tesco

Disney cars lightning McQueen Nania Befix SP LX car seat £20 instore @ tesco

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Thanks for sharing @kane7990 can you please add which Tesco store you spotted this bargain in to your opening post
Normally ‘cheap’ isn’t what you want when buying a life-saving device for your child, however this seat does quite well in independent testing adac.de/inf…rue

However it won’t last a child as long as a high backed booster from a big manufacturer (such as Britax, Cybex, Diono etc) because the headrest doesn’t go high enough. There is a risk that parents will allow their child to stop using this seat and sit in the car with no seat at all before they are the correct height for the car’s seatbelt to fit them safely (that doesn’t happen until the child is at least 145cm tall).

It also is not suitable for a child under 4, even if they meet the 15kg minimum weight requirement. A child’s skeleton is very different to an adults, and it matures the same for every child - with age, not weight. A child under 4 is at risk of slipping out under the seatbelt in a collision because their pelvic bones aren’t formed into the correct shape to be ‘caught’ by the lap belt. If the child slips down under the lap part of the belt it’s going to cut into their soft abdomen and cause horrible internal injuries. Children need to remain in a 5-point harness until they are at least 4 years old, most children will be ok in a seat with a 18kg limit on the harness but a few will need a seat with a 25kg harness to get them past age 4.
RRP is £55 on this seat

It is suitable for group 2-3 from 4-11 years (15-36kg)

To compare Halfords Essentials High Back Booster Seat £25

This is a good deal
In Handforth Dean store. There was reduced items everywhere. Food and non food
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