Disney Dumbo DVD 70th Anniversary DVD (Special Edition) £5.00 @ Asda Instore!

Disney Dumbo DVD 70th Anniversary DVD (Special Edition) £5.00 @ Asda Instore!

Found 17th Jul 2011
Thought this was a cracking bargain for a special edition disney dvd! Next cheapest price i could find was £8.95 at base.com then over £10 everywhere else!

Mrs. Jumbo, a veteran circus elephant, receives a baby from the stork. He soon becomes the laughing stock of the herd because of his jumbo-sized ears and is cruelly nicknamed "Dumbo". When Mrs. Jumbo loses her temper, she is locked up as a mad elephant and Dumbo finds himself all alone, except for a self-appointed mentor-protector, Timothy Q. Mouse.

After Dumbo and Timothy meet a group of crows, they convince Dumbo that he might be able to fly with a boost of confidence. With his "magic feather," Dumbo takes flight. When he loses his feather, Dumbo realises that he could fly by himself the entire time. After performing for the circus, Dumbo is a media sensation with Timothy as his manager and his mother by his side.

Special Features:

Deleted scene: The Mouse's Tale
Deleted Song: "Are You a Man or a Mouse"
Taking Flight: The Making of Dumbo
Sound Design Excerpt from "The Reluctant Dragon"
Original Walt Disney Television Introduction.
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This would be a great addition to my Disney collection, I hope its this price in my local ASDA, thanks
it's nationwide as far as i know, My friend bought it for same price from her local asda too.
SEL says £7 but it went through the till at £5 in the St Helens store
Theres a few titles included like Princess and The Frog, Bambi. The stand is usually located out of department usually in Home & Leisure section
This will fly
Great find, thanks
Asda blackpool had Aladdin for £5 too!!
Grimsby had it marked up at £7 but went through at £5 also had Aladdin.
Disney fans. It's not only dumbo some of the bigger stores have many other titles. Bargain
Fab, got mine this morning.
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