disney dvds  2.99-3.99 including wall-e and enchanted @ Morrisons

disney dvds 2.99-3.99 including wall-e and enchanted @ Morrisons

Found 27th Jul 2009Made hot 27th Jul 2009
saw ths on television alst night untill stocks last disney dvds are between £2,99 and 3.99
not sure all the films but no that wall-e and enchated are included if anyone has a morrisons near them i dont caould they pleases let us no full list


I see this too and thought it was £2.99 - £8.99.

I agree with shopaholic I thought it was £2.99 - £8.99

Went to Morrisons today after seeing this deal to buy a few DVD's but I couldnt find any ..When I asked the SA I was told that they are running this promotion (£2.99 DVD's) only in big stores and not in all the branches ..

i cant see wall-e being only £3-£4. It hasn't been out long enough.

Wall E was £8 when i went in today, the only disney ones for around £2.99 were high school musical stuff,nothing special tbh

My local Morrisons had Wall-E and most other Disney titles at 8.99.

This deal is STONE COLD.

Asked in my local Morrisons earlier (Peterborough) and they didn't know anything about the deal. Wasn't much help when I had gone there specifically to see what cheap dvd's I could pick up.

This deal shouldn't be expired, they have a stand in my local Morrisons (which isn't a big store in comparison with others) full of Disney stuff ranging from £2.99 to £8.99. Its true that the films are mostly the live action ones such as Parent Trap (2.99) but I did pick up Hercules for £5.99 which is on par with the cheapest internet sites and my daughter needs it as she tried to complete her DIsney collection.
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