Disney DVD's & Blu-Ray BOGOF @ Tesco online £15 - £20
Disney DVD's & Blu-Ray BOGOF @ Tesco online £15 - £20

Disney DVD's & Blu-Ray BOGOF @ Tesco online £15 - £20

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Spotted this earlier at my local metro but they only had the DVD's.

Looked online and found that they do both DVD's and Blu-rays, not only that but some of the blu-rays are combi packs which is a fantastic deal on its own.

Not sure if its mix and match it doesn't say but I'd say you can to be honest

All the DVD's are £15
and the Blu-rays are £20, But some of the Blu-rays are Combi packs which is very good indeed

I tried to do a little search on here to see what other deals were about and don't think this was the best but it still seems a good deal and for those who choose to shop at tesco's,

Heres what they DVD's they do

Princess and the frog (2010)
Toy Story (2010)
UP (2010)
Snow white and the seven dwarfs (2009)
Alice in wonderland (2010)
Toy story 2 (2010)
Aladdin - Musical Masterpiece - Special Edition
Cars (2006)
Monster inc (2002)
Pinocchio - Platinum Edition (2009)
The Aristocats - Special Edition (2008)
Bolt (2009)
Dumbo (2010)
Finding Nemo - Collectors Edition (2004)
Ratatouille (2008)
Wall-E - 2 disc DVD (2008)
Mary Poppins - 45th anniversary edition (2009)
Pocahontas (2009)
Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)
The Black Cauldron (2010)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (2009)
The Fox and the Hound - Special Edition (2007)
The Sword in the Stone - Special Edition (2008)
The Incredibles - Collectors Edition (2005
A Bugs Life (2001)
Mulan Musical Masterpiece (2010)
Hunchback of Notre Dame (2002)
Petes Dragon (2009)
Chicken Little (2006)

And here are the Blu-rays

UP - Combi pack - Blu ray & DVD (2010)
Princess and the Frog - Combi Pack - Blu-ray & DVD (2009)
Alice in Wonderland - Combi Pack - Blu ray & DVD (2010)
Toy Story - Combi Pack - Blu-ray & DVD (2010)
Toy Story 2 - Combi Pack - Blu-ray & DVD (2010)
G-Force (2009)
Snow white and the seven dwarfs (2009)
Tinkbell and the Lost Treasure (2009)
Wall-E (2008)
Monsters Inc (2009)
Bolt (2009)
Cars (2008)

Overall I'd say quite a good deal especially if you Bought the combi packs which would work out 2 DVD's and 2 Blu-rays for £20.

Just spotted the same kinda deal on the argos website and some of Blu-rays are a little Cheaper at £17.93


This deal is running everywhere at the moment as its a disney promotion, cheapest I have found them on dvd is play for £13.98. Making them £6.99 each and if you put a third in your basket it comes up at £6.99!

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Yeah ive just spotted this all over now, dont know how to remove this now.

very cold..at Zavvi two disney blurays for £12.68
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