Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Dolls - £3.08 Each @ Tesco instore (Blackburn)

Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Dolls - £3.08 Each @ Tesco instore (Blackburn)

LocalFound 6th Jan 2017
Anna and Elsa dolls priced up at £3.08 each at Blackburn Tesco. Reduced from £10
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I bought these the other day. The Elsa one scanned at £9 something, I picked another up and it scanned at £3.08, exactly the same packaging but a different barcode.
no tarzan?
I couldn't see Tarzan but they had only just started stacking the shelf.
Thanks OP, just picked up an Anna and an Elsa from Sunderland, Roker Baths Road. The shelf is full but the barcodes are mixed, no Tarzan. Here is the winning barcode (last 6 digits) to make it an easier hunt. Other barcodes are scanning at the £9 odd price.

Both Anna and Elsa barcodes: 945206 £3.08
What an awesome find just bought both after hunter for the bar code for £3.08 each for my daughter from coventry thank you very much for the post.
went to buy 2 of each. 1 elsa scanned at 8.16 and noticed on receipt before I left. got double difference back. paid 17.40 then got 10.16 refunded. 4 dolls for 7.24. bargain cheers op
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