Disney Frozen Elsa Figurine Is Back Down To £1.71 @ Amazon   (add on item / £10 spend)

Disney Frozen Elsa Figurine Is Back Down To £1.71 @ Amazon (add on item / £10 spend)

Found 13th Jan 2015Made hot 13th Jan 2015
This has been up and down on the deals over the past month now its back down to £1.71 today. Free delivery if orders over £10.

Info from a buyer - "Bare in mind these come in plaggy bags - although a good gift"

ADD ON ITEM. only at this price if spending £10 first


pity its an add on item. Need to spend tenner to purchase


Thanks also got Anna and Kristoff as add ons too perfect for my frozen topic for the class I teach!

Note from comments:

I bought anna and elsa as I made my granddaughter a frozen cake and put them on top, they looked really good as cake toppers and she has enjoyed playing with them since.

Great little figure. Ideal for a birthday cake topper! My granddaughter loves it. Would certainly recommend for cake topper that can be used for toy after the candles are blown out!

Just in case anyone was purchasing them expecting full size ones

This what they look like on a cake: Frozen Cake

Plaggy bag has to be the trampiest term I've ever heard of. Is it really too much effort to type plastic or at worst 'baggy'?

£2.11 now

I bought these for £2.50 just before xmas and returned as the quality of them is quite poor to be honest even if they are very cheap.

I got these out of a 2 machine in Burnham on Sea...

Quality is a bit rubbish....I thought they were proper figurine. Title should be changed to plastic figure.
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