Disney Infinity 1.0 figures £6.99 at Disney Store

Disney Infinity 1.0 figures £6.99 at Disney Store

Found 29th Dec 2015
Saw that Disney Infinity 1.0 figures have been reduced to £6.99 at Leicester Disney Store. Would be a great bargain to go with the reduced Starter Packs posted here. (No Starter Packs in store today). Triple packs for Disney 1.0 villains reduced to £14.99 too.


search your local tesco and you could be lucky, I gota triple pack for £8. They had many Disney characters, double £6 and single for £4.

Yep, Tesco's is definitely cheaper....Stocked up good and proper!!! Can't believe some of the pricing from the Disney Store....not much of a selection either.....If you can't find any Infinity figures cheaper via the usual channels, then this is your next best bet :O) and for that reason heated up :O)

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Can't believe so cold - still cheaper than Argos and Game and Tesco and yes, it isn't part or a multiple deal but a cheaper option than most without the chase around Tesco stores that you get with their deals.
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