Disney infinity 2.0 for PC .........FREE
On the Disney infinity website

Play the Disney Infinity digital video game on your (Windows Vista/7/8) computer. Download Disney Infinity 2.0 including Marvel Super Heroes and Disney originals on PC for free

you can purchase additional figures in the PC shop


hotttt with 5 t's!

You cannot play the campaign without paying and can only use characters for a limited time (as a trial).

Been playing for about 30 minutes no problems so far.

we been playing weeks and they add new trail chars too, only for limited time, but still very impressive

for someone who get bored easily and don't play the game until the end, this is perfect!

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If you have the figures for console they come with a code you can use for the PC version, I like that you can trial the characters before buying them. Having great fun with it so far

Hopefully it will work with the free characters from Game via O2 Priority.
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