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Disney Lego Minifigures Series 2 £1.50 @ Argos
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Disney Lego Minifigures Series 2 £1.50 @ Argos

Posted 29th Dec 2019

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Normal price £3 and it on clearance for £1.50 and seem it collection only no delivery. Unfortunately it not available my area but it may be available your area.
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Never any stock in Telford , oh well aliexpress at 50p each it is then
(I posted this comment on the original post of this same deal around a month back that I think some people who didn't see that post might benefit from) This comment is for the most part copied from that original comment of mine.

Im going to be helpful here and I'm gonna give you a feel guide on the series.

- Vintage Mickey, Steering wheel very easy to feel very large and has a technic sized pin at the back
- Vintage Minnie, Skirt piece only character to have this, also feel for here accessory very easy to feel for the rim and hole of the part and she also has a hair accessory which you get a extra of too which can be easily identifiable
- Huey, Dewey and Louie find the head piece and hat piece and tail part which all three have, along with those 3 parts for each character also find a 1x2 tile for Huey, a slingshot piece for Dewey which you get two of, and for Louie find the two parts for his torch which you get two of each
- Scrooge McDuck, 1x1 round tile and rod piece plus the same tail piece Huey, Dewey, Louie had
- Chip, the two piece for his nut, a potato piece and a 1x1 round tile with handle on also find a short legs piece that can bend
- Dale, find his ruck sack piece and a short legs piece that can bend
- Elsa, find her Snowflake piece very easy to find or find her skirt which will round you down from 18 to 3 minifigures Elsa and Anna and Jafar which all use this part and then find the snowflake
- Anna, find her skirt and then lantern pieces (don't confuse the 1x1 cylinder part for a minifigure head (easily done)
- Jafar, again find the skirt piece and then his snake wand piece and also his hat which is quite a large part
- Jasmine, A fairly hard one to find, try find her accessory a small little bird piece
- Hades, very easy find his tentacles part, but also find the two flame parts if you want to be extra sure
- Hercules, find his sword and shield parts, fairly easy to identify
- Sally, her long hair piece is fairly easy to find also try find the stalk piece which has an extra aswell
- Jack Skellington, Easy find a 2x2 tile, 2x2 crate part and four 1x1 round tiles
- Edna Mode, She has a 1x2 tile and 1x2 plate with clip plus she has two small mug pieces (one being an extra) also her hair is slightly easy to identify
- Frozone, in my opinion the easiest to find just find a large round 4x4 plate

Tips and tricks for feeling a figure packet:
- Don't bother with the torso, baseplate and head piece as they are almost always the same
- Only feel for a leg part if it is a short leg piece, skirt or hook leg etc
- Always shake the smaller parts to the bottom of the bag to make it easier, the smaller parts are easier to know which figure they belong to
- Ignore all the weird looks from strangers (or your friends and family) whiles you feel up packets, your the smart one saving money by not getting duplicates there the dumb ones for not getting it that's what I say.#

I have completed this series without any surprise duplicates, i have many duplicates but all where diliberate cause of there parts and potentail value in the future. So this guide should hopefully help someone.
Also £1.50 in Sainsburys!
heatherbrown9230/12/2019 23:13

Also £1.50 in Sainsburys!

Had 20 or so in the Worcester Blackpole store, had a feel around through them all and just the boring ones all the goods one where taken, so no Elsa and Anna, no Mickey and Minnie, no Jack and Salley, none of the four ducks. Only the Alladin, Hurcles, Incredibles and chip and dale ones. They also had an empty box of series 19 that where £1.49
Managed to find my daughter an Elsa! In Northampton
heatherbrown9230/12/2019 23:39

Managed to find my daughter an Elsa! In Northampton

You got lucky as Elsa is a very popular figure with kids and resellers so is quite hard to find compared to the other figures like Edna and Hades two figures who aren't that popular from what I've seen.

I love this series got all of them when they where first released and since have been trying to collect a duplicate of each figure to keep sealed and a another spare Mickey and Minnie to sit besides my Steamboat Willey set. So all in all plan to have brought 42 of these blind bags.
Yay just visited the Sainsburys in Kidderminster and found a full box and got .y self an Elsa Anna, Jack Skelton and Sally four spares I wanted
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