Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show- tickets £10 with Ticketmaster

Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show- tickets £10 with Ticketmaster

Found 3rd Mar 2009
enter "Mickey" into the promo box and tickets are £10. I just booked a couple for Glasgow. Think it works on all venues but certainly worked on the 3 I checked, including Wembley Arena.
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do you have a code please

do you have a code please

I have bought 3 for the NIA a few weeks ago and they cost me £62.20!

Heat added.
none near me but good price!
Brilliant, Bristol on Saturday morning 11:30. The best tickets available £19.50. Went back through with the code and they gave me the same seats for £10, HOT HOT HOT. MY daughter is going to love me! :-D
At Wembley the best seats they will give you is for the Sunday 29th March, 11am show - I checked all the shows with the £10 code

Some more details of the show ]here
Cheers just ordered 4 tickets for the family at Wembley.
im probably being really thick - either that or its sold out as i suspect it is, but can anyone please do me a favour and see if there are any tickets for the manchester opera house showing at any times? its on for 3 dates. would need 2 adult tickets, and 1 for our son who is 2 - assuming he classes as a child ticket seen as he would need his own seat?
thanks in advance if anyone can help.
Thanks - just got two tickets Sat for Wembley ( birthday treat for my daughter ) - £25 (inc chgs)
Great bargain - when I put in for 1 adult & 1 child ticket, they would have cost £21.50 and £19.50 plus £2.93 each for service chg plus then delivery chg.
Can't seem to find any for Manchester....
Wow - Ticketmaster really suck - £10 promotional tickets magically become £12.91 each, after they have added a mysterious "order processing charge" and a sensational "service charge" - abracabloodydabra....................

..............they must have been taking magic lessons from Mickey :whistling:
cant go but fab post for glasgow, hot hot hot.
just ordered 4 for wembley for the saturday 3pm. £47.31 all inclusive. heat added.

my kids will love this.
Just ordered 4 for Glasgow. Kids will love it, so will we.
do you have to pay for babies??
Great deal but makes the 'charges' stand out even more

Ticket £10.00
Charges £1.95+£3.00=£4.95

£3.00 for an email????
Thanks so much for this info. We went to Disney Paris in Jan with DD who is 2 and a half. Every day since when I ask her what she wants to do today she says see Mickey Mouse on the boat (parade). She is going to love this!!
gutted....I paid about 20quid each for our tickets to see it this saturday coming in Sunderland. great deal
heat added.... i hope i can book it for my son too.... he loves mickey but at the moment its not letting me book it.
It only lets you buy one of the Mickey special tickets, or am I being a noob?

(Its working now...)
Why wont manchester do the deal????:x
Not working for Liverpool either. Will let you get tickets at the normal price but when you put the code in it says that none are available.
Typical ripp off britian!
The Code "Mickey" does not seem to work. I tried booking for Wembley Arena for both Saturday and Sunday but it's not happening.
Worked for me on Sunday afternoon show at Wembley? Got 4 tickets for £47.31 or something like that???
I just tried looking at 3 tickets myself and it came through ok for me.
Thats obviously excluding the booking fee and postage charges and whatever other charges theyve added.
Will be booking later (If there's any seast left)

Voted Hot Hot Hot
excellent find saved me a fortune i nearly booked theses yesterday at full price wouldnt have been happy lol
also worked for me also 5 tickets at wembley arena at 11 30
Great, booked 4 for Wembley.
Am I being thick, or is it possible to choose seats other than the ones that it allocates to you? I'm looking at Nottingham and it's giving me some really near the front but off to the side - I'd rather be a bit further back as my little boy would probably be a bit scared of the whole thing!
You probably selected 'best available seats' when putting in the number of tickets you require. Use the drop down menu and you can choose according to seating plan eg lower tier, etc.
I booked to take my daughter to Wembley on the Sunday. Half decent seats too so thanks a lot!:-D
Has anyone managed to get seats for Birmingham NIA? Ive been trying fot the past half hour and im getting nowhere!
Thanks & heat added, got some decent seats @ wembley
Just ordered 4 tcikets for Wembley. Got brillinat seats......great birthday gift for the kids.....thanks
Just booked for Glasgow....£86 for 7 tickets woohoo.....Hot Dog!
Dont think Birmingham NIA is on this deal. May be because its over the easter bank holiday weekend. Shame.
3 tickets for £36.17. Superb deal...good seats as well. Heat added.
under 1 year olds are free. I rang up the nottingham trent one and they said that under 1s are free. Told them that my son just turns one on the 24th of march and the show takes place on the 24th of march and the 25th. Do i need to pay in this case. He said you should be alright as long as ur baby doesnt take up a seat. So i have booked an underones ticket for him from their website and two from ticket master for 25.75 and for his it costed 1.50. Great bday present for my lil one. We will take him there on 25th.
I have tried to get tickets prior to hearing about the FAB promotion. I live in Wirral so I have tried Liverpool echo arena n Manchester Opera and they were all sold out. Fantastic offer though makes me think glad I didnt get any n paid full whack for them!
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