Disney Pixar DVDs in-store at ASDA, £5 each.  MINE! MINE! MINE!...

Disney Pixar DVDs in-store at ASDA, £5 each. MINE! MINE! MINE!...

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We all know how good (and expensive!) the Pixar films are! Just noticed in Hatfield branch, werent exactly reduced so probably in all stores - Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Cars, all £5, all 2 disc versions


I hope this is on at my local store...I love Disney Pixar films! Heat added :-)

Would that include Wall-E ?

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Would that include Wall-E ?

I dont remember seeing wall-e, it was mainly the older ones. Ratatouile was about £8.

Cars doesn't have a 2 disc version btw, hot for price though!

what a deal!!!!!!!!!! hope this is on at my store, going now to grab monsters inc - best film ever! xxxxx

i got monsters inc the other day as both my kids are obsessed with it and the little one is only 9mths old, so its great to bung it on so i can do abit of housework in peace.

so exellent value for money if i can do housework without 2 kids hanging off me

I love Nemo, especially the seagulls! Already have all these except Cars though as I haven't seen that one. Worth checking out Asda to see if they have it for this price though! :-D

absolutly loved this movie, so funny, Dory fogetting every 2 minutes, the seagulls, the sharks. everything....oh and I'm nearly 30 years old.....

Pixar at £5 is an absolute no brainer. Quality, and a rarity to see at such low prices .. Grab 'em !!!

There isn't an excuse for not owning everything Pixar's ever done.

Finding Nemo is the second Pixar film after Cars we have bought and are very entertaining, there's something for everyone in these films.
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