Disney Princess Royal Adventure (GBA) - £7.96 delivered !

Disney Princess Royal Adventure (GBA) - £7.96 delivered !

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Found 23rd Oct 2007
Disney Princess Royal Adventure for the GBA is just £7.96 delivered @ Uwish and would make a great stocking filler! Cheapest i can see this elsewhere is £13.25!

Details: Disney Princess Royal Adventure for the Game Boy Advance is an action/adventure game inspired by the successful Disney Princess franchise. As the castle's clever young caretaker, the player goes on a quest to find a collection of special crowns that are missing from her enchanted castle home. As she ventures to different areas of the castle and fun places in and around the village, she will increase her skills and earn enough points to explore several different worlds. During her exploration, she becomes friends with the Disney Princesses -- Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty -- who will help her on her journey.


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Key Features:
[*]Explore seven unique worlds
[*]Become friends with Disney Princesses created as 2D stylised characters
[*]Help the Disney Princesses find their missing friends and collect special rewards
[*]Control the character with increasing skills[/LIST][LEFT] [/LEFT]

Next price I can see is FOXY £12.95

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Thanks macdoona
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