Disney Princess tea set. £3.50 in Tesco (from £12) instore

Disney Princess tea set. £3.50 in Tesco (from £12) instore

Found 6th Dec 2016Made hot 6th Dec 2016
Disney princess tea set. Great gift for kids. Found in Tesco Hartlepool


Doesn't seem that great a deal now since it has been that price for a week, and was 3 for price of 2 up til yesterday.

Got this when it was hat price and 3 for 2

Well I got it quite a while ago for £6 so I think £3.50 is a cracking price!

Great find .. Heat added

heat from me op

was going to get this in the 3 for 2 online but decided against it. wish I had now it looks decent for the price.heat from me

yes was 3 for £7 yesterday

Just bought in Wath Tesco. Thanks op. Still 4 left on end of isle next to birthday cards
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