Found 4th Mar 2014
Disney Light Night just for a £1 !!

These Disney character push night lights are complete save for the young ones to use they are operated with 4 AA batteries not mains power (Batteries are not included)

They are designed for both boys and girls with the latest Disney characters Cars, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse & Princess.
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what poundshop?
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what poundshop?


Leeds Crown Point
Hiya can u tell me were they with all the baby stuff or in the toy section please?
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Hiya can u tell me were they with all the baby stuff or in the toy … Hiya can u tell me were they with all the baby stuff or in the toy section please?

toy section
Is the light any good, bulb or led, bright or just backing light? Do u need to push off manually or auto off in 15mins etc. bit skeptical to buy as not sure if any good. Saw loads in pound shop brighton
It's £1 !! What's to be skeptical about ?!?!
Got one months ago from poundland was so dull you wouldnt have thought a light was on! The plain non character ones from poundland were better,brighter light.
Surprised these have Disney license on them as they look cheap and as "suzie_j7" mentioned are very dull, not even good as a night light. Slightly pointless as a light, more a decoration for the kids room !
I got a minnie one from poundland a few months ago. Broke after the first night. Hadn't left it on or anything just wouldn't turn on and it's not the batteries.
Brought two of these lights for my 3 year old daughter for going to the toilet at night. first night both lights gone out after approx 6 hours,applied brand new batteries again, second night, When Same happened again! When taking batteries out noticed both times they were wet: Just noticed it's the batteries were melted and it was running out of the bottom of the light; And had been picked up by my daughter,and could of ended up on something she may of put in her mouth, Luckerly it didn't ! I hope this is just a bad couple of the lights and they are not all faulty, hoping to get money back , but mostly show the shop the fault.and pray no one has a serious accident from one.
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