Disney store Christmas sale instore / online
Disney store Christmas sale instore / online

Disney store Christmas sale instore / online

Just been in Disney store in Chester and most, if not all, of their Christmas items are half price.


Thank you OP, just picked up a large mickey sack for £8.99 and the cookie plate for £8.99 also, just want I wanted. Heat added

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Thanks for adding the online, I'm on phone so couldn't add it. Also picked up the cookie plate

Just in the MK store and they only have a few items left: sacks, baby clothes, and a couple of waste tree decs!

only 26 items included.

Not all , just some, just came from Disney store in Trafford Centre.. found nothing

Cheers Mate!:)

got minnie mouse stocking and large marie in store

Did they have any bauble packs in chester?

Thank you

Has anyone got a free delivery code?

Much better disney clearance sale online, sports direct 80% off clothes, toys etc

Pretty pap sale : (


This afternoon I've been London Westfield - many items -30%, some -40% but no sign of -50%. Frozen items sold... Cold for me

Wanted the slippers but no delivery until New Year! My local shop didn't seem to stock any of these nightwear items this year.

All the sales seem to be starting early this year. It's been Christmas eve they started the last few years but this year it a weeks early.

when does proper sale start

Haha anyone notice the adult slippers are only reduced by a penny!
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